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Q41. According to the recommendedtrainingfor this exam, proper management ensures ___________ and ____________. 

A. Value to the client 

B. Value to your company 

C. Value to the industry 

D. Value to the community 


Q42. According to the recommended training for this exam, what is the definition of a project? 

A. A sequence of tasks with a beginning and an end, bound by time, responses, and desired results 

B. Anything for which there is an executed contact 

C. A sequence of tasks for there is a Statement work 

D. A sequence of tasks with a specified end date 


Q43. According to the recommended training for this exam, why is the transition from the sales team to the delivery team important? 

A. It sets the client expectations of your communication abilities as a company. 

B. It is only important if the client requests it. 

C. It is only important if the sales team requests it. 

D. It sets the documentation standards for the project. 


Q44. According to the recommended training for this exam, what is the key to proper project management? 

A. Consistency and predictability 

B. Expected results 

C. A multi-layered project plan 

D. A single layered project plan 



Note:*Oracle Project Management is an integrated part of 

Oracle Projects, a comprehensive set ofsolutionsthat can help you predictably and successfully deliver global projects by integrating, managing, and providing insight into enterprise project information. 

Q45. For our purposes, what is the most important work product produced by the project manager as prescribed by OUM Manage? 

A. Project management Plan 

B. Project Resource Plan 

C. Project Estimate 

D. Project Budget 

E. Project Bid 


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Q46. In OUM Manage, what is true about Organizational Change Management process? 

A. It is only a concern of a client. 

B. It feeds the risk management process and communication process and is only handled by third parties. 

C. It feeds the communication process and risk management process and should be considered when training end-users. 

D. It is handled by third parties. 



Note: *Organizational Change Management This process starts at the strategic level and then identifies challenges of the implementations in order to design the systems that allow lowering the risk. Identifying the change requirements from the beginning of the project would help organization to manage it effectively. 

*The Manage focus area is organized into 13 processesincluding theOrganizational Change Management process: The objective of the Organizational Change Management process is to be aware of the Client’s Organizational Change Management Strategy and to effectively create a Change and Communication Plan that addresses this strategy. The goal is to create the change momentum needed to increase buy-in and reduce resistance - thus reducing productivity losses. 

Q47. What is true about Organization Change Management in OUM manage? 

A. A previous project failure is not a change management warning sign since it could be due to any number of reasons. 

B. No official communication regarding the change is issued because the client is seeking to have a grassroots communication campaign. 

C. Have a consensus culture is good because it cuts down on the time to get to agreements. 

D. Having nobody to manage change should be a warning sign that the project may go off track. 


Q48. Select three statements that are goals of the Envision area. 

A. Provide a set of processes that can be adopted by an enterprise in order to better align IT delivery with business strategy. 

B. Develop and Implement Oracle-based business solutions with precise development and rapid deployment. 

C. Plan, control, and complete all types of projects in a consistent manner. 

D. Provide the context for OUM-based delivery services and connect those services to the larger IT lifecycle. 

E. Provide a framework for development of services that support enterprise or strategic-level interactions. 

Answer: A,D,E 

Explanation: The Envision focus area provides a framework for development and maintenance of enterprise levelIT strategy, architecture, and governance(E). The Envision guidance helps project team’s transition fromenterprise-level planning and strategy activities to the identification and initiation of specific projects(A). The Envision focus area consists of two phases: *Initiate *Maintain and Evolve 

Q49. Which statements are true about the active plans a project? 

A. There are two iteration plans – one for the current iteration and a draft for the upcoming iteration. 

B. A subsequent iteration plan is created prior to the iteration beginning. 

C. The iteration plan for each iteration is set and cannot be altered. 

D. The project Management Plan is a document and is not affected by the implementation Plan. 

Answer: A,B 

Explanation: AB (not C):During each iteration, the current Iteration Plan is adjusted. 

Subsequent Iteration Plan is created prior to the iteration beginning. 


*there are two plans active in the project at any given time – the implementation plan and the iteration plan. 

Q50. Select the three major activities in the Project Start Up phase. 

A. Develop Staff Plan and Budget 

B. Manage Project Quality 

C. Validate Scope, Stakeholders, and OCM Strategy 

D. Review Bid and Contract 

E. Establish Estimate 

F. Develop DetailProject Plan 

Answer: A,C,D 

Explanation: *The Project Start Up phase precedes the Inception phase. Project startup is where all of the projectplanning activities take place and where policies, procedures, and strategies are defined for each of theprocesses, which govern the conduct of the engagement. 

*In OUM Manage, one of the first activities that occur during the Project Startup phase involves the Project Manager and the client (Project Sponsor) jointly creating the Project Management Framework. This framework establishes the ground rules for the project and is the first step in communicating, establishing trust, and setting expectations. 

The key focus for the remainder of the Project Startup Phase is to evolve the Project Management Framework into a detailed Project Management Plan based on the agreed upon foundation. In prior versions of OUM Manage, the equivalent work product was named the “Terms of Reference”. Literally, this was the work product referenced to sort out problems when future misunderstandings occurred. 

Incorrect: Not B Not F