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2021 Dec 1Z0-457 practice exam

Q31. Identify three for Oracle Enterprise manager that have Configuration Change Control functionality? 

A. Application management Pack 

B. Database Lifecycle Management Pack 

C. WebLogic Management Pack 

D. Real User Experience Insight Pack 

E. Data Masking Pack 

Answer: ABC 

Q32. What can the Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center firmware profile do? 

A. Filter based on system type 

B. Provide rolling upgrade capability 

C. Modify firmware settings 

D. Aggregate firmware images 


Q33. What are three message content and context search examples for transaction that can be performed with Oracle Enterprise Manager Transaction Management? 

A. By customer ID 

B. By input ID 

C. By message rejection 

D. By time of arrival 

E. By message type 

Answer: ADE 

Q34. What two access control functions can be performed by using the Group feature in Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control? 

A. Grant administrators access to the different groups of targets so that they can access only allowed areas. 

B. Create named credentials. 

C. Grant users the ability to add or delete a target in a specific group and to grantprivilegeson a group. 

D. Audit individual compliance with the security policies in the groups.pol file. 

E. Send an email notification to alert members when policy violation occurs. 

Answer: AE 

Q35. What method does Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control use for automatic discovery? 

A. Ping 

B. Telnet 



E. Socket Connect 


Renewal 1Z0-457 actual test:

Q36. Which two statements are true about Oracle Enterprise manager SOA management Pack Enterprise Edition and WebLogic Server Management pack Enterprise (EE)? 

A. SOA Management Pack EE is not a superset of the WebLogic Server management Pack EE. 

B. SOA Management Pack EE cannot monitor the full software stack for Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Service Bus, and Application Integration Architecture. 

C. SOA Management Pack EE is a superset of WebLogic Server management pack EE. 

D. SOA management Pack EE can monitor the full software stack for Oracle SOA SUITE, Oracle Service Bus, and Application Integration Architecture. 

Answer: AD 

Q37. What are three console personalization features that are available to users in Oracle Enterprise manager Cloud Control? 

A. Users can add items to the menu on a page. 

B. Users can customize the layout of the regions on a page. 

C. Users can add or remove a region from a page. 

D. Users can select from a set of predefined home pages. 

E. Users can specify the tables displayed within each region. 

Answer: BCE 

Q38. What three items can Service Availability be based on With Oracle Enterprise Manager? 

A. TCP/IP ping 

B. Service Test 

C. Synthetic transaction 

D. Components of system 

E. Database latency 

Answer: BCD 

Q39. Which feature provides real-time change detection? 

A. Grid Control 

B. Configuration Change Console 

C. Application Configuration Console 

D. Database Control 


Q40. Identify two Cloud services, as defined by NIST, that Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control self service Portal supports. 

A. Infrastructure-as-a-Service 

B. Network-as-a-Service 

C. Platform-as-a-Service 

D. Software-as-a-Service 

E. Testing-as-a-Service 

Answer: AC