Exam Code: 1Z0-457 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Essentials
Certification Provider: Oracle
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Q11. You have experienced a service failure and want to evaluate the availability status of the subservices and key components to determine why the service failed. What technique will allow you to do this? 

A. Root cause analysis 

B. Analysis of the <servicename>.log file 

C. Analysis of the soapct1.log file 

D. Analysis of emct1.log 


Q12. In Oracle Enterprise Manager, what would you use for a job that you want to save and use again later? 

A. The job Repository 

B. The Job Scheduler 

C. The Job Library 

D. The Job Activity Service 

E. The Job Reuse Template 


Q13. You need a workflowof tasks that must be performed for a particular lifecycle management activity. 

What Oracle Enterprise management functionality can you use to provide this? 

A. DeploymentProcedures 

B. Connector Framework 

C. Configuration Control 

D. Diagnostics Pack and Tuning Pack 


Q14. Which three virtualization technologies can be managed by Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center? 

A. Oracle Solaris Containers 

B. Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 

C. Oracle VM Server for SPARC 

D. Oracle VM Server for X86 

E. Oracle VM VirtualBox 

Answer: ACD 

Q15. Which usage is true when you utilize the HTTPS channel to set up secure communications for Oracle Enterprise manager? 

A. You use it for console access and agent data upload to Oracle management Service. 

B. You use it only for console access. 

C. You use it only for agent data upload to Oracle Management Service. 

D. You use it when you set up High Availability. 


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Q16. Which two privilege delegation types are supported by Oracle Enterprise Manager? 

A. Sudo 

B. DBrun 

C. Powerbroker 

D. Privilege Manager 

E. Group Policy Manager 

F. Persona_create 

Answer: AC 

Q17. The alerts retrieved by Oracle Enterprise Manager Connectors are ____________. 

A. Stored in a third party database 

B. Cached in the middleware 

C. Stored in flat files 

D. Stored in the Oracle Enterprise Manager repository 

E. Not stored but forwarded by SNMP traps 


Q18. Identify three key capabilities of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Consolidation Planner. 

A. Automatically generating a business justification and ROI document 

B. Determining likely candidates for consolidation 

C. Consolidating physical and virtual environments 

D. Identifying under or over utilized servers 

E. Identifying and compressing overlapping data 

Answer: BCD 

Q19. When you create reports using Information Publisher, which three statements are true? 

A. You always start from the beginning when you create custom reports. 

B. Both default categories and subcategories can be used for out of the-box reports. 

C. Time-period and/or target parameters can be used for viewing reports. 

D. Using reporting elements, you can add a variety of information to your report. 

E. No additional customization is provided after the reporting elements are assembled. 

Answer: CD 

Q20. You are responsible for a mass development of the management agent. Which is the function you access through the Enterprise Manager console for this purpose? 

A. Agent Download 

B. Agent Deploy 

C. Clone Agent 

D. nfsAgentInstall