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2021 Dec 1Z0-448 braindumps

Q41. Identify the correct variable step type to use when assigning a value to a variable with an SQL query.(Choose the best answer.) 

A. Evaluate Variable 

B. Set Variable 

C. Declare Variable 

D. Refresh Variable 


Q42. What is the main benefit of using consistent set journalizing compared to simple journalizing?(Choose the best answer.) 

A. Consistent set journalizing runs faster than simple journalizing. 

B. Consistent set journalizing always uses Oracle GoldenGate. 

C. Consistent set journalizing treats each data store individually. 

D. Consistent set journalizing provides a guarantee of consistency of the captured changes. 




Q43. Identify two implementation strategies of changed data capture provided through ODI Knowledge Modules. (Choose two.) 

A. extracting source data to flat files 

B. triggers 

C. Oracle GoldenGate 

D. before-and-after database image comparison 

Answer: B,C 

Q44. How would a Knowledge Module, that is required to perform an aggregation in a Mapping, generate the correct code? (Choose the best answer.) 

A. The Knowledge Module must be customized because business rules and the physical implementation are strictly interlayed in ODI. 

B. The Knowledge Module must be customized only for aggregation functions. 

C. The Knowledge Module need not be customized because aggregation code is generated automatically by ODI according to the Mapping logic. 

D. The Knowledge Module need not be customized, but a variable must be used in the aggregate expression to generate the correct sum. 




Q45. How can you define the order in which target data stores are loaded in a Mapping?(Choose the best answer.) 

A. ODI automatically computes the load order based on the order on which the data stores were added to the Mapping. 

B. You can use the Target Order field. 

C. You can use the Target Load Order field. 

D. You can use the Load Order field. 




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Q46. You are designing a load plan in which you must run Mappings A and B one after the other while running Mapping C at the same time. Which option represents the steps to accomplish this?(Choose the best answer.) 

A. Add a parallel step, add three serial steps underneath it, then addAto the first parallel step, B to the second one, and C to the last one. 

B. Create a scenario from the variable and add the scenario to the load plan to create a case step. 

C. Add a parallel step, add two parallel steps underneath it, then add A and B tooneparallel step, and C to the other. 

D. Add a parallel step, add two serial steps underneath it, then add A and B to one serial step, and C to the other. 




Q47. Which tables created by ODI contain error records?(Choose the best answer.) 

A. ERR$ 



D. E$ 


Explanation: ( 

Q48. The workflow you are designing requires checking to see whether there are records available in a source table before doing anything. Which ODI tool must you use to implement this?(Choose the best answer.) 

A. OdiWaitForData 

B. OdiWaitForCDCData 

C. OdiWaitForLogData 

D. OdiWaitForTable 




Q49. Which two statements are true about ODI web-based components?(Choose two.) 

A. ODI Console allows administrators to edit users’ information. 

B. Enterprise Manager Cloud Control provides access to ODI data servers’ settings. 

C. ODI sessions can be monitored in Enterprise Manager Cloud Control. 

D. ODI Console provides access to project and mapping details. 

Answer: A,D 

Explanation: ( 

Q50. You must ensure that your Mappings do not run into connectivity issues when moving data from server A to server B by using an AGT agent that is running on server B. 

How must you test this by using ODI Studio running on machine C?(Choose the best answer.) 

A. UseOdiPingAgentin a package to ping AGT agent. 

B. In Topology, test the connections to servers A and B by using the AGT agent. 

C. In Topology, test the connections to the AGT agent. 

D. In Topology, test the connections to servers A and B by using Local (No Agent). 


Explanation: ( as per this link even choice A is right as its alternative/additional method for testing connectivity