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What feature would you use if you want to step through a business process just to validate the flow, rules, and forms?

  • A. Process Player
  • B. Process Simulation
  • C. Process Workspace
  • D. BPMN Debugger

Answer: A

Which two statements are true about running and analyzing simu-lation results? (Choose two.)

  • A. You must wait until a simulation run finishes in order to see up-to-date results in charts.
  • B. During a simulation run, in-flight instances are always allowed to finish before a simulation completes.
  • C. During a simulation run, cost and time data are automatically collected for all activities, events, and gateways.
  • D. You can use only Business Process Composer to create and run simulations.
  • E. The number appearing above the left-most bar atop an activity represents the high water mark for the queue.

Answer: BD

1Z0-435 dumps exhibit
In Business Process Composer you can only run simulations based on test data you define using Business Process Composer.

Which two can be added as members of a static approval group? (Choose two.)

  • A. Users
  • B. Groups
  • C. Application roles
  • D. other approval groups
  • E. WebLogic administrators

Answer: AD

Members of a static approval group can be either users or other approval groups.
Reference: http://docs.tpu.ru/docs/oracle/en/fmw/

Which statement describes how web forms are built?

  • A. Technical developers create web forms by using BPM Studio and then business analysts edit them by using BPM Process Composer.
  • B. Business analysts create web forms by using BPM Process Composer and then technical developers sometimes edit them by using BPM Composer.
  • C. End users create web forms by using BPM Process Workspace and then technical developers sometimes edit them by using BPM Process Composer.
  • D. Technical developers create web forms by using BPM Process Composer and then business analysts sometimes edit them by using BPM Studio.

Answer: D

Which two components in a BPM project can be promoted to become a case activity? (Choose two.)

  • A. Mediator
  • B. BPEL
  • C. Human task
  • D. Business rule
  • E. BPMN
  • F. Spring

Answer: CE

A case definition contains various case activities that represent the different work that the user can perform in the context of a case. Oracle BPM allows you to define case activities based on:
1Z0-435 dumps exhibita Human Task
1Z0-435 dumps exhibita BPMN process
Reference: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E28280_01/doc.1111/e15176/case_mgmt_bpmpd.htm#BPMPD87410

You pass some data from a process variable as a parameter into a human task. At a later time, the variable is then updated in a parallel stream of execution in the BPEL process while the human task is still executing before it is actioned by the assignee.
What does the assignee see after opening the task in the workspace and looking at the parameter?

  • A. The parameter contains the values of the process variable as it was when the task was created.
  • B. The parameter contains the values of the process variable as it is at the current time (that is, when the user opened the human task in the workspace).
  • C. The parameter is empty and the task must be restarted to pick up the new values of the process variable.
  • D. It is not possible to determine what the assignee sees from the information provided.

Answer: C

Which is a capability of Web Form rules?

  • A. altering execution of an unbounded ADF task flow
  • B. inserting validation rules into an ADF page that a BPM Studio wizard has generated
  • C. encoding-business policies that can be easily modified by end users at run time
  • D. populating a dynamic drop-down list by accessing a RESTful service

Answer: D

The process payload, including customer name and order ID, is stored based on a single XSD- based data object and the human tasks in the process use this XSD definition. End users need to see the customer name and the order ID as columns in their default inbox task list.
Which three approaches best accomplish this requirement? (Choose three.)

  • A. Either public or protected flex fields can be used to displays the customer name and order ID without having to add additional process payload data objects.
  • B. Public flex fields can be used if two new simple data elements, representing the customer name and order ID, are added to the human task's list of data objects.
  • C. Public flex fields can be used if two new simple process payload data objects, representing the customer name and order ID, are first added.
  • D. Public flex fields can be used only if they have first been created in the workspace and the two have been added as mapped attributes in the human tasks.
  • E. No changes to the human task's incoming data or data associations are necessary if protected flex fields are used.

Answer: ABE

Which statement accurately describes event-driven architecture?

  • A. It is a design approach that fosters creation of distinct pieces of software where each piece is a self-contained unit of functionality.
  • B. It is a programing paradigm that views processing as evaluation of functions without regard for application state.
  • C. it is a style of building software that specifies logic without describing its control flow.
  • D. It is an approach focusing on the production, detection, and consumption of potentially significant state changes.

Answer: C

To establish the integration between BPM Suite and BAM 12c, you need to .

  • A. do nothing as they are integrated out-of-the-box
  • B. set the DisableProcessMetricsMBean setting to false on the SOA server
  • C. set the DisableProcessMetricsMBean setting to false on the BAM server
  • D. set the DisableMonitorExpressMBean setting to false on the SOA server

Answer: B

Which statement is true about BPM Suite’s round trip simu-lation feature?

  • A. Round trip simulation is a feature of a Process Player.
  • B. Basing a simulation on actual process runtime data can help you find bottlenecks in a process model.
  • C. Unit test suites can be automatically generated based upon round trip simulation data.
  • D. During round trip simulation generation, process bottlenecks are identified and highlighted on the model.

Answer: B

Which pattern is best handled by using Adaptive Case Management?

  • A. straight-through processing requiring no manual intervention
  • B. deterministic, human-centric processes
  • C. knowledge-based work requiring collaboration
  • D. application integration processes

Answer: C

Value chain models allow you to specify more details about a process area that may have been identified in an enterprise map. Which two statements are true about how the details are specified in a value chain model? (Choose two.)

  • A. A value chain model is the starting point for process decomposition in business architecture modeling.
  • B. A step can be broken down into a separate value chain model to create a hierarchical group of value chain models.
  • C. It documents goals, objectives, and strategies for a business area.
  • D. A step can be linked to a BPMN process model.
  • E. There is typically just one value chain model for an entire organization.

Answer: B

Reference: http://docs.oracle.com/middleware/1213/bpm/bp-composer-user/ba_project_bpmcu.htm#BPMCU99994 (4.1.2)

Which two statements are correct about business indicators? (Choose two.)

  • A. They can be captured at measurement marks.
  • B. Dimensions allow the user to capture numerical values.
  • C. All business indicators are captured at sampling points and a subset is captured at measurement marks.
  • D. Counters are used for interval start and interval stop measurements.

Answer: AC

A Measure Business Indicator is used to capture something that can be measured.
The BPMN Service Engine automatically stores the data in the dimension business indicators inthe pre- defined and custom sampling points defined for your process.

Which statement is true for a BPMN subprocesses?

  • A. It has access to the data variables of the main process.
  • B. Data have to be explicitly passed back and forth between the main process and the subprocess.
  • C. The subprocess can be reused and called from other processes.
  • D. The sequence flow inside a subprocess can be diverted and joined to the main flow without going through an end event.

Answer: C

What does the case engine use as the content store if a content management system is not specifically configured for case management?

  • A. Oracle WebCenter Content
  • B. a CMIS content store
  • C. a file system
  • D. a database

Answer: D

Case Data: the data for the case stored in the BPM database.
Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/middleware/1213/bpm/bpm-develop/case_mgmt_bpmpd.htm#BPMPD87410

Which two statements are true about the role of Oracle Business Rules in Adaptive Case Management (ACM)?

  • A. Defining business rules is mandatory to be able to build, deploy, and run an ACM project.
  • B. Business rules are used to handle case events and take specific actions on the case.
  • C. Business rules are used to activate conditional case activities.
  • D. Oracle Business Rules is an optional component of ACM.

Answer: CD

Which two statements are correct on the use of business objects in a BPM project? (Choose two.)

  • A. A business object is defined by a complex data time.
  • B. Business objects are often defined in WSDL documents.
  • C. A business object can inherit data and behavior from a parent business object.
  • D. You can create a business object at either the project level or the process level.

Answer: BC

Identify the gateway type that disallows an outgoing conditional path.

  • A. Exclusive
  • B. Inclusive
  • C. Parallel
  • D. Complex

Answer: C

A Parallel Gateway creates parallel paths without checking any conditions; each outgoing Sequence Flow receives a token upon execution of this Gateway Reference: http://training-course- material.com/training/BPMN_2.0_Gateways#Parallel_Gateway (See Parallel Gateway, 2nd line).

Which statement is true about a case activity that is defined as “Automatic” and “Conditional”?

  • A. The activity is run automatically as soon as the case starts.
  • B. The activity is run by the system only after it is initiated by the user.
  • C. The activity is automatically run by the system as soon asit is activated by a case rule.
  • D. Only a BPMN case activity can be defined as “Automatic” and “Conditional”.

Answer: B

Which two case elements can have due dates configured? (Choose two.)

  • A. Case
  • B. Case data
  • C. Events
  • D. Milestones
  • E. Activities

Answer: AB

Which two statements are true about using project data objects? (Choose two.)

  • A. Any process in the project can access a project data object.
  • B. The value of a project data object does not vary between processes.
  • C. Project data objects can be used only as input arguments to a process.
  • D. Project data objects can be used in data associations and expressions.

Answer: AD


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