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2021 Jun 1Z0-434 practice exam

Q1. You have modeled a composite with an inbound adapter service wired to a BPEL process component. 

Which method do you use to model a rejection handler for the inbound adapter service? 

A. Define the rejection-handler logic inrejection-handlers.xmlin the$MW_HOME/soa/connectorsdirectory. 

B. Define the rejection-handler logic inline as a child element of the <binding.jca> section of the inbound adapter incomposite.xml. 

C. Define the rejection-handler logic in a top-level catch block in the BPEL process where the QName of the fault should bebpws:rejectedMessages. 

D. Define the rejection-handler logic infault-policies.xmlfor the composite, and then associate thefault-policies.xmlwith the composite. 

Answer: D 


Q2. Identify two correct statements about Oracle Event Processing (OEP). 

A. It is a platform to developand execute applications that process streaming data. 

B. It is designed to connect businesses using standards-based event communication protocols. 

C. It is a powerful CQL engine that performs filtering, aggregations, calculations, and pattern matching in near real time. 

D. It is an implementation of the Service Component Architecture (SCA) to process streaming data using regular expressions. 

Answer: C 



Q3. Which two statements accurately describe policy attachment in Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM)? 

A. The order in which policies are attached to a subject determines the order in which the policies are executed. 

B. JDeveloper groups the policies that can be attached into five categoriesof interceptors. 

C. Multiple WS-Addressing policies can be attached to a policy subject. 

D. In Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control, a security policy can be attached to a web service and it can be either enabled or disabled. 

Answer: A,C 


Q4. Composite X invokes an outbound DB adapter to write data to a database table. You have configured JCA retry at the binding component as follows: 

<property name = “jca.retry.count” type=”xs:int” many=”false” override =”may”>2</property> 

<property name = “jca.retry.interval” type=”xs:int” many=”false” 

override =”may”>2</property> 

You have also modeled a fault policy to retry the invocation three times in case ofremoteFaultas follows: 



What happens when the database that is being accessed by the above binding component goes down? 

A. The invocation is retried for a total of two times every two seconds. Fault policy reties are ignored. 

B. The invocation is retried for a total of six times every three seconds. 

C. The invocation is retried for a total of six times every two seconds. 

D. The fault policy retries occur within the JCA retries. So, two JCA retries are executed two seconds apart. Within each fault policy retry, two JCA retries are executed two seconds apart. 

Answer: D 

Q5. After a successfulweb application login, an Oracle Access Manager (OAM) token is made available to Oracle WebLogic Server (WLS) where the token is asserted for authentication purposes. The resulting Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) subject is then made available to the Oracle Web Service Manager (OWSM) agent where it is used to create a Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). 

Which security feature does this scenario illustrate? 

A. identity propagation 

B. single sign-on 

C. user authorization 

D. non-repudiation 

Answer: C

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Q6. Which statement is true about if-then rule within a ruleset? 

A. It is evaluated in the listed order. 

B. It can evaluate other rulesets. 

C. It can modify the result of the rule multiple times. 

D. It always sets the outcome of the rule. 

Answer: B 

Q7. Your company has a checkCredit service used in the sales process and your organization plans to roll out a new sales mobile application. 

Identify two approaches that you can use to develop the new mobile application. 

A. Develop a template for the checkCredit service. 

B. Expose the checkCredit service with a REST interface. 

C. Create a BPEL subprocess for the mobile application request. 

D. Use JSON for payload. 

Answer: C 


Q8. Which two statements are true about working with tasks in Business Process Workspace? 

A. A user can create personal to-do tasks that are unassociated with a process instance. 

B. Delegating a task means to transfer the task to another user or group. 

C. You can see how long each completed step has taken to finish. 

D. You can display the process model and view the path a process instance has taken. 

Answer: A,D 

Q9. Which tool would you use to enable more detailed logging of SOA components? 

A. WebLogic Console 

B. Enterprise Manager 

C. BPM Workspace 

D. WebLogic Diagnostics Framework (WLDF) 

Answer: D 

Q10. After you install the OEP product, which action is required to install andconfigure an OEP domain? 

A. Configure the OEP port through the OEP console. 

B. Configure the JDBC settings in the config.xml file. 

C. Create an OEP domain with the Configuration Wizard. 

D. Start the OEP server and enter the administrator credentials when prompted. 

Answer: C