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2021 Aug 1Z0-430 exams

Q41. What are the three ways to export Portal from a source environment A and import it to the target environment B? 

A. Create a portal library jar file from Portal Builder Admin and export it from environment A and import it in environment B. 

B. Create a portal library zip file from Portal Builder and export it from environment A and import it in environment B. 

C. Create a par file from Portal Builder and export it from environment A and import it in environment B. 

D. Use WLST exportWebCenterPortals and importWebCenterPortals commands to export and import archives. 

E. Use WLST propagateWebCenterPortals and deployWebCenterPortal after having established a direct connection between A and B. 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q42. Which two statements are correct regarding the Oracle Enterprise Deployment Guide document for WebCenter Portal? 

A. Deployment includes a Load balancer, Database, Oracle HTTP Servers, an SSO solution, external LDAP credential and policy store, clustered WebCenter Portal, WebCenter Content, and a SOA solution. 

B. Deployment can include all of the above except that the credential store may be XML file based to save on system resources. 

C. The components use an RAC database to allow consistent data across all of them. 

D. A supported web tier is optional because a load balancer can be used to distribute the requests to the corresponding servers directly. 

Answer: A,D 


Q43. What happens when you turn on ADF skin compression? 

A. It enables ADF to shorten the names of style classes, thereby reducing the file download size. 

B. It enables ADF to compress the generated CSS files, thereby reducing the file download size. 

C. It enables ADF to use sprites instead of images for skins, thereby reducing the number of files downloaded. 

D. It enables ADF to compress the icons and images within the CSS. 

Answer: A 


Q44. Which two statements are true about the relationship between ADF Faces and JSF? 

A. ADF Faces is based on JSF. 

B. ADF Faces is a set of visual components built using JSF. 

C. JSF is loosely based on ADF Faces. 

D. ADF Faces uses Trinidad components to render visual components using a JSF-like syntax. 

Answer: B,D 


Q45. You take a backup of a portal and then delete it.Another administrator then creates a new portal with same name as the portal you deleted. If you attempt to re-import the original 

portal that was backed up, what happens? 

A. The portal is imported, overwriting the portal with the same name in the target. 

B. There is a conflict warning, but you can override it and then import the portal. 

C. The portal is renamed post import. 

D. The portal cannot be imported. 

Answer: A

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Q46. You created a portlet, and you need to get the user role inside one of the beans for the portlet. Users and roles are fetched from Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). 

Which command should you use to check the role for a particular user? 

A. RenderRequest.getUserRole() 

B. PortletRequest.getUserRole() 

C. PortletRequest.isUserInRole() 

D. RenderRequest.isUserInRole() 

Answer: C 

Q47. A customer has a requirement to display BI reports on portal pages. 

What approach would you suggest? 

A. Develop a custom task flow to render BI data similar to an existing BI report. 

B. Add a BI folder that contains these reports to the Resource Catalog. 

C. Use a report URL in iFrame. 

D. Use Pagelet Producer to register a pagelet for each report. 

Answer: B 

Reference: tensibility/resourcecat/index.htm 

Q48. Can a BI report on the portal page participate in the master-detail interaction with a custom task flow on the portal page? 

A. Yes, by leveraging ADF contextual events. 

B. No, this is not possible. 

C. Only if BI data is rendered in the custom task flow. 

D. Yes, you can do that using custom JavaScript. 

Answer: C 

Q49. You are developing custom task flows. 

Identify two reasons for using connections.xml to store required connection details for external services. 

A. This is the only way to set a connection in ADF. 

B. You can change the endpoints of the connections at run time. 

C. The connections can be updated when adding the task flow to the page in Portal Builder. 

D. Maintain all connection details in a central location. 

Answer: C,D 


Q50. Your customer requires that a particular user, Scott.Tiger, be a member of every portal created in WebCenter Portal. 

How do you achieve this? 

A. Plug in additional code to add the user during portal creation. 

B. You should not do this. This is a security breach and only moderators should add members. 

C. Uses WebCenter Portal REST or Web Services to achieve this. 

D. Use a portal template that contains the user as the member. 

Answer: C