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2021 Sep 1Z0-412 exam price

Q11. You are configuring the high valueweb content page tag and do notsee a .pdfURL on the site map. 

You verify that the link to the pdf on the websitehas the correct Eloquatracking.What is the solution? 

A. Create a subsite to track the .pdf 

B. Visit the URL and update the Eloqua Site Map 

C. Upload the .pdf to Eloqua Content Assets 

D. Ask the client to add Eloqua tracking scripts to the .pdf 

Answer: C 

Q12. When creating a new Data Export to an Eloqua-hosted URL, which two settings are configurable? 

A. File Name 

B. Port Number 

C. Row Delimiter 

D. File Size 

Answer: A,C 

Q13. You are an existingEloqua contact and receive an email, but you are on vacation for three weeks. 

Whenfour lead score re-calculated? 

A. During the next hourly execution of the Lead Scoring Engine 

B. 24 hours after the score was last calculated 

C. When you get back and open or dick a link in the email 

D. Immediately 

Answer: D 

Q14. Where is drilling on a report disabled? 

A. Report Objects window 

B. Template dialog box 

C. Graph dialog box 

D. Report Options dialog box 

E. Values dialog box 

Answer: D 

Q15. You want tolog EloquaEngage emailsin CRMwith the emailsender as the task owner. What needs to be done? 

A. The email sender must log in to Engage by using the Individual's CRM credentials. 

B. The email sender must exist as an Eloqua contact with the individual's CRM User ID. 

C. The email sender's Eloqua user account must have the CRM User ID entered. 

D. The email sender must trigger an Eloqua Internal event through the Engage Activity Report. 

Answer: B

Down to date 1Z0-412 exam question:

Q16. You are creating a social sign-on form and are using a Cloud Component. From which asset would you configure settings of the LinkedIn Cloud Component? 

A. Email 

B. Landing Page 

C. Form 

D. Custom Object 

E. Shared Filter 

Answer: B 

Explanation: Reference:


Q17. Which two statements are true about the integration between Eloqua and CRM? 

A. In outbound external calls, a single Eloqua field can be mapped to more than one CRM field. 

B. In an auto sync, a single CRM field can be mapped to multiple Eloqua fields. 

C. In outbound external calls, multiple Eloqua fields can be mapped to a single CRM field. 

D. Testing the "Create Lead" external call by using Test ExternalCall works only if the lead does not yet exist in the CRM system. 

E. If multiple contacts exist in CRM with the same email address and an Eloqua contact submits a form with this email address, Eloqua writes the form submit activity to all CRM contacts. 

Answer: B,C 

Q18. You are a member of two Custom Security Groups. One groupallows you to delete contacts,whereas theother does not. 

What happens when you try to delete a contact? 

A. You are prompted with an error message stating that you do not have access to delete contacts. 

B. You are asked to contact an administrator to delete the contact. 

C. You are able to delete the contact and remain a member of both Custom Security Groups. 

D. You are able to delete the contact and are removed from the Custom Security Group that does not allow contact deletion. 

Answer: B,C 

Q19. What is the best field typefor Lead Scoring Profile Fit Criteria? 

A. Large Text 

B. Default 

C. Picklist 

D. Textbox 

Answer: D 

Q20. Which three entities can a SharedUpdate Rule be run against? 

A. Contacts 

B. Accounts 

C. Custom Objects 

D. Segments 

E. Filters 

Answer: A,B,C