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2021 Jun 1Z0-412 rapidshare

Q21. Which two datasets are typically sentfrom the Oracle EloquaMarketingplatform to an integrated CRM system? 

A. Digital marketing activities 

B. Opportunities 

C. Accounts 

D. Campaign data 

Answer: A,D 

Q22. You create a Data Export of the entire Eloquadatabaseto post to yourcompany’sSFTP server so thatyou can Exact-transfer-Load(ETL)it to a data warehouse. At whatinterval can this data export beperformed? 

A. Every 30 minutes 

B. Every l hour 

C. Every 4 hours 

D. Every 24 hours 

Answer: C 

Q23. In the "Get Deleted Leads" auto sync, what happens to a record In Eloqua? 

A. The record is deleted. 

B. The CRM Lead ID is set to a blank value. 

C. The CRM Lead ID is replaced with the CRM Contact ID. 

D. The CRM Lead Status is set to a constant value of Deleted. 

Answer: B 

Q24. After running the email checker on your email, you get the following result: 

What happens when you activate the campaign that contains this email? 

A. The email is not sent. 

B. An online version is generated and placed in the email header. 

C. The email is sent. 

D. The campaign returns a draft error. 

Answer: D 

Q25. When editing a report with largevolumes of data,it is more effectivefor an Insight Analyzeruser to make changes in design mode because ____________. 

A. Filters can be created more easily in design mode 

B. The report re-runs each time a change is made directly on the report 

C. The report re-runs each time a change is made in design mode 

D. Changes to columns can be made only in design mode 

Answer: C

Improve 1Z0-412 actual test:

Q26. You create an email in the email editor and insert a hyperlink to an Eloqualanding page.When viewing the hyperlinkManager, you notice that the check is not selected to track the link. 

What would you do and why? 

A. Nothing. The check box needs to be selected only when the linking URL is https://. 

B. Nothing. The check box needs to be selected only when linking to non-Eloqua tracked web pages or externally hosted assets. 

C. Select the check box to track click-through to Eloqua-hosted landing pages. 

D. Select the check box to track hyperlinks to any web page that contains an asset. 

Answer: C 

Q27. How do you associate contacts from a list upload to an Eloqua campaign for the purposes of Closed-loop Reporting? 

A. Upload the list directly to the campaign from "Upload External Activities." 

B. Add the contacts to a shared list during the list upload. 

C. Run the "Get Contacts and Link to Opportunities" auto sync. 

D. Enter the CRM Campaign ID in the Eloqua contact field "Last CRM Campaign ID." 

Answer: A 

Explanation: Reference: 

Q28. What happens when you upload a fileand a field valuedoes not match the list of valuesin the Eloquapicklistfor that contact field? 

A. The entire list upload fails. 

B. The record is not created in Eloqua. 

C. The record is created in Eloqua but no values are written to the mapped field. 

D. The record is created in Eloqua and the field value from the file is written to the mapped field. 

Answer: B 

Q29. In the CRM Update program,how does Eloquaknow whetherto create a new lead or updateand existing lead? 

A. Decision rule evaluates whether there is a value in the CRM Lead ID Contact field. 

B. An action step runs an update rule with a lookup table against a list of all CRM Leads. 

C. A Cloud Connector action step checks CRM in real time to see if thereis a matching record. 

D. A decision rule evaluates whether the Eloqua contact is In the CRM Leads contact group or shared list. 

Answer: D 

Explanation: Reference: 

Q30. Refer to the exhibit. 

What does Lead Creation refer to? 

A. The Eloqua contact has a linked visitor profile. 

B. The Eloqua contact is associated to a CRM Opportunity. 

C. The Eloqua contact has responded to an Eloqua campaign. 

D. The Eloqua contact record has a value in the CRM Lead ID field. 

Answer: B