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2021 Feb 1Z0-228 free question

Q41. When the Inheritance option for a ChartField is set to Always Inherit, the ChartField value on a transaction is inherited from_____. 

A. the accounting entry templates 

B. the speed type for your user ID 

C. the interunit template for the business unit 

D. one of the other entries that make up the transaction 

E. the same General Ledger Business Unit 


Q42. Your retail client is performing a PeopleSoft implementation. They have these requirements: 

1. ChartField POS to capture Point of Sale information 

2. ChartField to accommodate up to 15 alphanumeric characters 

3. Minimum setup and configuration 

Select a series of steps that will best accomplish the requirements. 

A. Add a new ChartField and relabel the ChartField namE. 

B. Add a new ChartField and change the display lengtH. 

C. Activate an expansion ChartField, relabel the ChartField name, and change the ChartField display length. 

D. Activate an expansion ChartField, relabel the ChartField name, and resize the field lengtH. 


Q43. Which three statements describe the Year-End Close process? 

A. closes all adjustment periods 

B. closes selected adjustment periods 

C. requires that all P/L accounts be closed 

D. requires that only selected accounts be closed 

E. directly updates the ledger but provides for optional creation of journal entries for audit trail 

F. creates journal entries for balancing transactions and posts them to the user-defined P/L closing account with the net amount 

Answer: C,E,F 

Q44. PS/nVision reports have various output types.

 Identify two file output formats for PS/nVision reports 

A. Excel 


C. Template 

D. Unicode Text 

E. Crystal 

Answer: A,C 

Q45. Which functionality does NOT use PeopleSoft Trees? 

A. PS/nVision 

B. Allocations 

C. Consolidations 

D. Open Item Reconciliation 

E. Summary Ledgers 


Explanation: seXF8zVsgbvq-WiCQ&usg=AFQjCNEnpqZbHXpEsSbhcyLB8uMk-TP9eg 

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Q46. Identify the best way to separate Journals for processing, reporting, and origin 

A. Journal ID 

B. SpeedType 

C. SpeedChart 

D. Journal Source 

E. Journal Template 

F. Journal Reference Number 


Q47. View the Exhibit. 

Company ABC has Combination Edit Rules as shown in the Exhibit. Account 200000 is a Balance Sheet account and Account 614000 is an Income Statement account. 

Which ChartField combination is valid based on the Rules shown in the Exhibit? 

A. Account 200000, DeptID 1000 

B. Account 614000, DeptID 1000 

C. Account 200000, DeptID blank 

D. Account 614000, DeptID blank 


Q48. Identify four true statements about tree branches. 

A. Each branch can be maintained as a separate object, allowing multiple users to work on separate branches simultaneously. 

B. Tree branches can be used to restrict security access. 

C. When you are using the original tree, you cannot edit the branch's nodes or details until you open that brancH. 

D. Branching a tree can improve PeopleSoft Tree Manager performance by reducing the amount of data accesseD. 

E. Tree Manager restricts you from creating branches from a branched nodE. 

Answer: A,B,C,E 

Q49. You are setting up the ledgers in "Ledgers For A Unit." 

Which four items must be specified for each detail ledger before posting Business Unit data? 

A. open periods for posting 

B. balanced or unbalanced ledgers 

C. Combination Edit Rules and Groups 

D. the year and adjustment periods for posting any adjustments 

E. Average Daily Balance processing rules 

F. Consolidations and Equitizations options 

G. rules for handling Journal processing, Currency, and Approval options 

Answer: A,C,D,E 

Q50. Your client stops processing vouchers for the current month three days before the end of the perioD. The General Ledger (GL) and Accounts Payable (AP) subledger will be working on two different timelines. 

What is the best option for your client? 

A. Enter 3 in the Lag Days box for AP in "Ledgers For A Unit." 

B. Create a TimeSpan using -3 and enter it in the Accounts Payable Detail Calendar. 

C. Enter 3 in the Begin Lag and End Lag fields in the Open Period Mass Update AP link. 

D. Enter -3 in the Begin Lag and End Lag fields on the Update Open Period page for the AP PeopleSoft product. 

E. Create a calendar for Accounts Payable that begins and ends three days ahead of the GL Calendar. Then associate that with the Accounts Payable Business Unit.