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2021 Nov 1Z0-228 latest exam

Q1. Which are the three categories of report variables that are available for use when creating PS/nVision Layouts? 

A. Tree 

B. Source 

C. Summary 

D. Scope-Related 

E. Report Request 

F. Date and Time Period 

Answer: D,E,F 

Q2. John entered a reversing journal entry and posted it in June, an open montH. The Journal will reverse in July, which is a closed perioD. 

The journal was erroneously posted and John now wants to unpost the journal. The option to automatically unpost reversals when the anchor is unposted is selecteD. 

Identify the action that John should perform. 

A. Delete the July journal manually. 

B. Unpost the July journal. 

C. Unpost the June journal. 

D. Make the July journal available for edit. 

E. Create a new journal to reverse the July journal. 


Q3. When the InterUnit method is direct method, the ChartFilelds and values that are used for the balancing entries for a Business Unit are retrieved using its own_____. 

A. Ledger Group 

B. Ledger 

C. Journal 

D. InterUnit Template 


Q4. which four does a balanced detail ledger require the debit amounts to equal the credit amounts? 

(Choose four) 

A. Book Code 

B. Department 

C. Business Unit 

D. Adjustment Type 

E. Alternate Account 

F. Base Currency Code 


Q5. Which report or reporting tool is useful in reconciling converted data from legacy systems? 

A. Trial Balance Report 

B. PS/nVision Reports 

C. PS/Querry 

D. General Ledger Activity Report 

E. All of the above 


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Q6. Where do trees determine which ChartField the tree is based on and where the detail values for that ChartField are stored? 

A. tree name 

B. tree structures 

C. tree categories 

D. root node of a tree 


Q7. Which three levels represent the hierarchy of journal error processing? 

A. Ledger 

B. Source 

C. Account 

D. As of Date 

E. Department 

F. Business Unit 

Answer: A,B,F 

Q8. Your organization requires that all General Ledger journal entries for the Payables liability account have a blank department on the entries. 

Identify the best approach to achieve this business requirement. 

A. Use ChartField combination edits. 

B. Manually change the erroneous journal entries. 

C. Use Journal Entry Template to hide the department fielD. 

D. Use page-level PeopleCode to enforce the business rulE. 


Q9. What is the function of the "Keep Ledgers in Sync" check box? 

A. enables posting in multiple currencies 

B. allows you to open and close all Business Units at once 

C. allows you to report on multiple fiscal years 

D. enables the system to post journal entries to all ledgers in the Ledger Group 

E. combines multiple primary ledgers into a summary ledger 


Q10. Select two statements that best describe the purpose of Journal Class. 

A. determines Feeder System 

B. determines which ledger to post the journal to 

C. is used to trigger People Code and processes 

D. categorizes entries coming from both PeopleSoft and non-PeopleSoft Financial systems 

E. breaks journal entries into multiple categories for reporting purposes 

Answer: A,E