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2021 Oct 1Z0-228 test

Q11. Which three statements are true about PeopleSoft trees? 

A. The structure and development of your PeopleSoft trees directly impacts the efficiency of your organization's reporting, processing, and ongoing maintenance of fields. 

B. The Insert Detail button on the tree allows you to actually add values to the detail value tables if the value does not already exist (such as an Account to the GL_ACCODNT_TBL record). 

C. You can create only one tree per ChartFielD. 

D. A tree in draft mode cannot be used in reporting until it has been saved in a valid statE. 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q12. Where would you enable Document Sequencing, Alternate Account, and an InterUnit Method? 

A. Installation Options - Products page 

B. User Preferences - Overall Preferences page 

C. Currency Codes 

D. Installation Options - Overall page 

E. General Ledger Definition - Definition page 

F. Business Calendar 


Q13. Which three statements correctly describe tree nodes? 

A. The root node is always a parent nodE. 

B. The parent node is the first node of the treE. 

C. Sibling nodes have the same parent nodE. 

D. The parent node has other nodes reporting to it. 

E. Nodes at the same level are always sibling nodes. 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q14. Which three configuration actions can be performed by using Standard ChartField 


A. Resize ChartFields. 

B. Relabel ChartFields. 

C. Add or delete ChartFields. 

D. Activate or inactivate ChartFields. 

E. Change ChartField Display Length 

Answer: C,D,E 

Q15. Your tree for translating budget keys contains only nodes and no leaves in the hierarchy. This is an example of a_____. 

A. Spring tree 

B. Winter tree 

C. tree branch 

D. Summer tree 

E. Summary tree 


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Q16. Identify four examples of Date and Time Period variables when creating a PS/nVision Layout. 

A. APN - Period Name 

B. STA - Period Status 

C. AST - As of Tree Date 

D. PED - Period End Date 

E. PDC - Period Description 

F. ASD - As of Reporting Date 

Answer: A,C,D,E 

Q17. Identify two statements that describe Standard Ledger Groups. 

A. Standard Ledger Groups allow one primary ledger. 

B. Standard Ledger Groups do not allow secondary ledgers. 

C. Standard Ledger Groups allow one primary translation ledger. 

D. Standard Ledger Groups allow zero to nine secondary ledgers. 

E. Revenue Ledgers capture the revenue detail in Standard Ledger Groups 

Answer: A,C 

Q18. You created a journal by using a Journal Entry TemplatE. However, before posting the journal, you realize that you missed a ChartField because it was not visible in the Journal Entry Template that you useD. 

What should you do to fix the error? 

A. Perform a SQL update to the journal. 

B. Select another Journal Entry TemplatE. 

C. Correct the error in Suspense Correction. 

D. Find a technical consultant to fix the error. 


Q19. In which primary ChartField(s) does Year End Close allow a company to close out P&L balances to retained earnings? 

A. Fund 

B. Account and Alternate Account 

C. Project 

D. Account and Department 

E. Department 

F. Operating Unit 


Q20. Your customer informs you that they ran the Year End Close process, but then discovered that they were not ready to run it. How can they correct this error? 

A. Select the Undo option for the Close Request Type. 

B. Run the Reverse close process. 

C. Reopen Period 12 and create reversal journals. 

D. Create reversal journals for Period 1 of the new year.