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2021 Jul 1Z0-218 exam

Q21. You are hired as a consultant to provide guidance to your client about structuring compensation for employees during their PeopleSoft Human Resource implementation. Your job is to advise your client about using best practices for setting up Salary Grades.

Identify three statements that are considered to be best practices for implementing Salary Grades. (Choose three.)

A. Salary Administration Plan can be associated with only one Salary Grade.

B. You specify the minimum, midpoint, and maximum rates for each Salary Grade.

C. You usually set up several Salary Grades within the same Salary Administration Plan.

D. To create different ranges for the same Salary grade, use separate Salary Administration plans for each.

E. You specify only a maximum rate for each Salary Grade because minimum and midpoint ranges are not relevant in PeopleSoft.

F. To create different ranges for the same Salary Grade, insert a new row with a different effective date in the Salary Grade table.

Answer: BCD  

Q22. A new Employment Record Number (ERN) was created erroneously. The ERN Delete Process can be used to remove the erroneous record.

Which are the three processes that this component checks before allowing the deletion of the ERN? (Choose three.)

A. Payroll

B. Training

C. Benefits

D. User Profile

E. Time Reporting

Answer: ACE  

Q23. In order to set up a Seniority Pay component for worker's salary, what are the four MINIMUM required steps to successfully save it in Comp Rate Code Table? (Choose four.)

A. Enter a description.

B. Select a valid Rate Code Class.

C. Select a Seniority Pay Group.

D. Select the date to be used to calculate Seniority.

E. Enter a Currency Code.

F. Select a valid Rate Code Type.

Answer: ABDF  

Q24. Which table has to be set up before configuring Job Codes?

A. SetID

B. Location

C. Company

D. Pay Group

E. Department

F. Regulatory Region

Answer: A  

Q25. You have set up two SetIDs for your customer: one for Japan and one for Germany. Japan's SetID is JAP and Germany's is DEU. You set up three Business Units for Japan and two for Germany. One company was set up for each country. You want configurations to be separated by SetID except for Job Codes. You want both countries to use Japan's Job Codes. You created Job Codes only with the Japan SetID.

You must _____ in order to accommodate this requirement.

A. modify the SetID for the German Job Codes to be JAP

B. add new Business Units for Germany with the JAP SetID

C. create a new SetID for Germany and assign it to the German Job Codes

D. change the TableSet Control for each German Business Unit in the Record ID HR-02, Job Codes - Business Unit to have a SetID of JAP

Answer: D  


Renew 1Z0-218 practice test:

Q26. You have implemented Benefits Administration for your customer. You processed a job row on job data dated 1/15/2007 for the employee but no event was created on BAS Activity. You missed a setting on the installation table.

A. You missed setting the Start Date for Ben Admin on the Installation Table to precede the job action.

B. You missed selecting the Human Resources check box on the Products tab on the Installation Table.

C. You missed selecting the Retroactive Benefits/Deductions check box on the Product Specifics tab on the Installation Table.

Answer: A  

Q27. While you are entering a new hire into Job Data, you come to the Salary Plan page. You notice that the Salary Step field is populated.

From which table did the default value come from?

A. Location

B. Job Code

C. Paygroup

D. Company

E. Department

Answer: B  

Q28. In addition to assigning roles to each user, which in turn are tied to permission lists, you must assign four permission lists to each user profile. Identify them. (Choose four.)

A. Primary Permission List

B. Self-Service Permission List

C. Row Security Permission List

D. Query Security Permission List

E. Process Profile Permission List

F. Navigator Home Page Permission List

Answer: ACEF  

Q29. Identify two true statements regarding Temporary Assignments in PeopleSoft HCM 9.0. (Choose two.)

A. Only the temporary assignment can be paid.

B. Both the temporary assignment and original instance can be paid.

C. The data on the existing employment record is kept active for the duration of the temporary one.

D. The original instance is copied to a temporary employment record and is kept in a suspended status.

Answer: AD  

Q30. Identify three components that the HR administrator uses to administer template-based hires. (Choose three.)

A. Manage Hires

B. Error Transaction

C. Manage Hire Details

D. Template-Based Hire

E. Template-Based Hire Status

Answer: ABC