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2021 Jun 1Z0-218 free draindumps

Q61. Which field CANNOT be overridden in Job Data after being entered in the Department table?

A. Location

B. Company

C. Manager ID

D. Manager Position

E. Tax Location for North American Payroll

Answer: B  

Q62. Identify the three types of organizational relationships that PeopleSoft HCM 9.0 has. (Choose three.)

A. Trustee

B. Employee

C. Contractor

D. Board Member

E. Person of Interest

F. Contingent Worker

G. Global Payroll Employee

Answer: BEF  

Q63. Identify four methods that you can use to associate Comp Rate Code with a worker's record. (Choose four.)

A. Assign Comp Rate Code to Job Data.

B. Assign Comp Rate Code to Job Code.

C. Assign Comp Rate Code to Salary Plan.

D. Assign Comp Rate Code to Position Data.

E. Assign Comp Rate Code to Salary Grade/Step.

F. Assign Comp Rate Code through the SENPAY functionality.

Answer: ABEF  

Q64. On the Installation Table there is a tab labeled Last ID Assigned. These IDs inform the HCM system at what number to start numbering after the customer goes live.

Identify three IDs that are assigned on the Installation Table - Last ID Assigned Tab. (Choose three.)

A. Last Offer ID

B. Last Position # Used

C. Last Job Opening ID

D. Last Employee ID Assigned

E. Last Retro Pay Request Seq #

Answer: BDE  

Q65. Identify the five security sets available to control row-level security. (Choose five.)

A. Job Codes

B. Departments

C. People with Jobs

D. Template-Based Hire

E. Recruiting job openings

F. Person of Interest without Jobs

Answer: BCDEF

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Q66. Your client is using HR, Base Benefits & Payroll Interface. It is adding employees in Job Data and is unable to add the Employee type S- Salaried. This is because the Salaried Employee Type is not defined on the ______ table.

A. Job

B. Company

C. Pay Group

D. Benefit Plan

E. Business Unit

F. TableSet Control

Answer: C  

Q67. On the Job Data Work Location tab for a new hire, Company is a required field.

You can default Company from the _____ table.

A. Location

B. Job Code

C. Position Data

D. Business Unit

E. Holiday Schedule

Answer: C  

Q68. After inputting a department in Job Data, which four additional fields could be populated based on the defaults defined on the Department table? (Choose four.)

A. Location

B. Company

C. Paygroup

D. Tax Location

E. Business Unit

F. Supervisor ID

G. Establishment ID

Answer: ABDF  

Q69. Select four defaults that you can set on the Org Defaults by Primary Permission List. (Choose four.)

A. SetID

B. Country

C. Location

D. Company

E. Job Code

F. Business Unit

Answer: ABDF  

Q70. Identify two components where temporary assignments can be created for a worker. (Choose two.)

A. Job Data

B. Other Payee

C. Add Additional Assignment

D. Add Employment Instance

E. Add Contingent Worker Instance

Answer: AC