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Q1. Examine the output of this command: ASMCMD> volinfo –G ACFS -a Diskgroup Name: ACFS Volume Name: VOL1 Volume Device: /dev/asm/vol1-280 State: ENABLED Size (MB): 248 Resize Unit (MB): 32 Redundancy: MIRROR Stripe Columns: 4 Stripe Width (K): 128 Usage: ACFS Mountpath: /u01/app/grid/acfsmount The ACFS disk group is a normal redundancy disk group with 5 GB of free space. To increase the size of the ACFS file system, you execute this command as the root user: $ /sbin/acfsutil size +200M /u01/app/grid/acfsmount 

Which two statements are true regarding the outcome of this command? 

A. It resizes VOL1. 

B. It fails to resize the filesystem because it must be unmounted before resizing. 

C. It fails to resize VOL1 because it must be executed as a user belonging to the SYSASM group. 

D. It succeeds but leaves the filesystem unmounted. 

E. It resizes the filesystem mounted on /u01/app/grid/acfsmount. 

Answer: A,D 

Q2. Which two utilities support the “what-if” command evaluation? 

A. asmcmd 

B. ocrconfig 

C. oifcfg 

D. crsctl 

E. srvctl 

Answer: D,E 

Q3. Which two statements are true concerning buffer states as shown in GV$BH.STATUS in Oracle 12c RAC? 

A. An XCUR block image may exist for a specific database block in only one instance. 

B. A CR image may get served from one instance to another to satisfy a read request. 

C. An XCUR image is not downgraded to a SCUR image for shipping to another instance until commits occurfor updated rows on the block. 

D. A PI block image may exist for a specific database block in only one instance. 

Answer: A,D 

Q4. Which four statements are true concerning the upgrading of Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12c? 

A. The ORACLE_HOME environment variable must be set to the Grid Infrastructure home directory in theinstallation owner’s environment. 

B. The upgrade must be done in-place. 

C. The upgrade must be done out of place. 

D. Upgrade validation may be done using the Oracle Universal Installer which in turn invokes the built-incluster verification utility. 

E. The cluster verification utility can verify that the cluster is ready for an upgrade. 

F. The ORACLE_SID environment variable must be set to the SID of the ASM instance in the installationowner’s environment. 

G. The cluster verification utility can generate fixup scripts to run on all nodes of the cluster. 

Answer: A,B,F,G 

Q5. Which three statements are true about Quality of Service Management (QoS)? 

A. A server-pool can be managed by QoS even if it does have database instances running on nay server inthe pool. 

B. It can manage database services only if they are defined as UNIFORM services. 

C. It requires Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a Cluster to be installed and Clusterware to be running. 

D. It supports multiple databases assigned to the same server pool. 

E. Databases managed by QoS can be administrator managed or policy managed. 

Answer: C,D,E 

Q6. You just added an ASM disk to the DATA diskgroup. Which two can be used to monitor the rebalancing? 

A. ams_cmd lsop 

B. v$asm_disk 

C. v$asm_operation 

D. v$asm_diskgroup 

E. v$session_longops 

F. amscmd lsdg 

Answer: B,D 

Q7. Which two statements are true about Quality of Service Management? 

A. It can enable a more efficient sharing of hardware resources. 

B. It can improve the performance of SQL statements. 

C. It can improve system stability as the workload changes. 

D. It can improve the performance of PL/SQL. 

E. It can reduce the load on the system caused by Oracle background processes. 

Answer: A,D 

Q8. Which statement is true concerning the installation of an Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12c patchset and its status during the installation? 

A. Some grid infrastructure patchsets may not be installed in a rolling fashion. 

B. They can be applied in-place. 

C. When performing rolling patches, crsctl query crs softwareversion always displays the lowest version of thesoftware running anywhere in the cluster 

D. When performing rolling patches, the VIPs for the node being patched are relocated to another node. 


Q9. Which two statements are true about ASM default templates? 

A. Default data file templates are only created by ASM when a normal redundancy disk group is created. 

B. Default template settings for redundancy depends on the disk group redundancy. 

C. Default templates for a disk group can be modified. 

D. Default template setting for striping depends on disk group redundancy. 

E. Templates may be shared across disk groups. 

Answer: A,B 


Default template settings depend on the disk group type. The default template for data files for a normal redundancy. 


Q10. Which three statements are true about ASM Cloud File System (ACFS) auditing? 

A. Audit information gathered by each cluster node can be consolidated into the unified ACFS audit trail. 

B. acfsutil audit archive must be used to archive audit files that are larger than 10MB. 

C. acfsutil audit init must be run by a system administrator. 

D. acfsutil audit purge can be run by an audit manager. 

E. acfsutil audit read marks audit files to indicate that it is safe to purge them. 

Answer: B,C,D