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Q181. What two statements are true regarding the recommendations received from the SQL Access Advisor? (Choose two.) 

A. It can recommend partitioning only on tables that have at least 10,000 rows. 

B. It cannot generate recommendations that support multiple workload queries. 

C. It can recommend only B-tree indexes and not bitmap or function-based indexes. 

D. It can recommend partitioning on tables provided that the workloads have some predicates and joins on the columns of the NUMBER or DATE type. 

Answer: A,D 

Q182. The SQL Tuning Advisor has been configured with default configurations in your database instance. Which recommendation is automatically implemented without the DBA's intervention after the SQL Tuning Advisor is run as part of the AUTOTASK framework? 

A. statistics recommendations 

B. SQL profile recommendations 

C. index-related recommendations 

D. restructuring of SQL recommendations 

Answer: B 

Q183. You create a new Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) task: 


To view the ADDM report, you use the following command: 

SQL> SELECT dbms_addm.get_report('my_instance_analysis_mode_task') FROM dual; 

You want to suppress ADDM output relating to Segment Advisor actions on user SCOTT's segments. What would you do to achieve this? 

A. Add a finding directive for the ADDM task. 

B. Add a segment directive for the ADDM task. 

C. Add a parameter directive for the ADDM task. 

D. Disable the Segment Advisor from the Automatic Maintenance Task. 

Answer: B 

Q184. Which tasks can be accomplished using the Enterprise Manager Support Workbench in Oracle Database 11g? (Choose all that apply.) 

A. Generate reports on data failure such as data file failures. 

B. You can package and upload diagnostic data to Oracle Support. 

C. You can track the Service Request (SR) and implement repairs. 

D. You can manually run health checks to gather diagnostic data for a problem. 

Answer: B,C,D 

Q185. You plan to control the sessions performing a huge number of I/O operations. Your requirement is to kill the session when it exceeds a specified number of I/Os. Which statement describes a solution to the above? 

A. Set a threshold for the default system-defined moving window baseline. 

B. Add directives to the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM). 

C. Modify the profile for the targeted users for which control needs to be imposed. 

D. Implement the database resource manager to add the SWITCH_IO_REQS and SWITCH_GROUP directives. 

Answer: D

Improved 1Z0-055 actual test:

Q186. The Database Resource Manager is automatically enabled in the maintenance window that runs the Automated Maintenance Task. What is the reason for this? 

A. to prevent the creation of an excessive number of scheduler job classes 

B. to allow the Automated Maintenance Tasks to use system resources without any restriction 

C. to allow resource sharing only among the Automated Maintenance Tasks in the maintenance window 

D. to prevent the Automated Maintenance Tasks from consuming excessive amounts of system resources 

Answer: D 

Q187. You are managing an Oracle Database 11g database with ASM storage. The ASM disk group has the COMPATIBLE.ASM attribute set to 11.1. Which statements are true regarding extent management and allocation units in the ASM disk group? (Choose all that apply.) 

A. Extent management is completely automated. 

B. The allocation unit size may vary but the extent size is fixed. 

C. The au_size disk group attribute determines the size of allocation units in the disk group. 

D. The allocation unit size and extent size are fixed for all the disks in a disk group and cannot be changed. 

Answer: A,C 

Q188. Which statement describes the significance of the CHANGE FAILURE command in RMAN? (Choose all that apply.) 

A. It is used to explicitly close the open failures. 

B. It is used to execute the advised repair script. 

C. It is used to change failure priority only for the CRITICAL priority. 

D. It is used to change failure priority only for HIGH or LOW priorities. 

E. It is used to inform the database about the repair after the repair script executes. 

Answer: A,D 

Q189. You want to perform the following operations for the DATA ASM disk group: 

-Verify the consistency of the disk. 

-Cross-check all the file extent maps and allocation tables for consistency. 

-Check whether the alias metadata directory and file directory are linked correctly. 

-Check that ASM metadata directories do not have unreachable allocated blocks. 

Which command accomplishes these tasks? 





Answer: A 

Q190. Immediately after adding a new disk to or removing an existing disk from an ASM instance, you find that the performance of the database goes down initially until the time the addition or removal process is completed, and then gradually becomes normal. 

Which two activities would you perform to maintain a consistent performance of the database while adding or removing disks? (Choose two.) 

A. Define the POWER option while adding or removing the disks. 

B. Increase the number of ARB processes by setting up a higher value for ASM_POWER_LIMIT. 

C. Increase the number of DBWR processes by setting up a higher value for DB_WRITER_PROCESSES. 

D. Increase the number of slave database writer processes by setting up a higher value for DBWR_IO_SLAVES. 

Answer: A,B