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2021 Oct aiotestking 1z0-053:

Q41. Which two are the uses of the ASM metadata backup and restore (AMBR) feature? (Choose two.)

A. It can be used to back up all data on ASM disks.

B. It can be used to recover the damaged ASM disk group along with the data.

C. It can be used to gather information about a preexisting ASM disk group with disk paths, disk name, failure groups, attributes, templates, and alias directory structure.

D. It can be used to re-create the ASM disk group with its attributes.

Answer: CD

Q42. View the Exhibit to examine the metrics with a threshold.

Which statement is true regarding the Number of Transactions (per second) metric?

A. Oracle uses statistical relevance to determine when an adaptive threshold has been breached for the metric.

B. The statistics for the metric values observed over the baseline time period are not examined to determine threshold values.

C. Oracle determines when an adaptive threshold has been breached based on the maximum value captured by the baseline.

D. The total concurrent number of threshold violations, which must occur before an alert is raised for the metric, has been set to zero.

Answer: A

Q43. Which of the following initialization parameters have been deprecated in Oracle 11g because of the introduction of the Automatic Workload Repository? (Choose all that apply.)






F. All of the above

Answer: ACD

Q44. On Friday at 11:30 am you decided to flash back the database because of a user error that occurred at 8:30 am. Which option must you use to check whether a flashback operation can recover the database to the specified time?

A. Check the alert log file




E. Check the value assigned for the UNDO_RETENTION parameter

Answer: B

Q45. Given the script

create script db_backup_datafile_script

{backup datafile and 1, and2 plus archivelog delete input;}

what is the result of running this command?

Run {execute script db_backup_datafile_script using 2;}

A. The script will fail since you instructed RMAN to back up only one datafile rather than two.

B. The script will successfully back up datafile 3 without error.

C. The script will fail since it uses a substitution variable which is not supported.

D. The execute script command will prompt for the value of and2 since it's not included in the command.

E. The script will fail because you cannot use the plus archivelog command when backing up database datafiles.

Answer: D

Abreast of the times 1z0-053 pdf:

Q46. Given the following steps, which would be the correct order to create a backup of an Oracle database in NOARCHIVELOG mode?

a. shutdown immediate from RMAN

b. Log into RMAN

c. startup mount from RMAN

d. backup database

e. alter database open

f. backup database plus archivelog delete input

A. b, c, a, d, e

B. b, a, c, f, e

C. a, c, e, d

D. b, a, c, e, f

E. b, a, c, d, e

Answer: E

Q47. In your database, the LDAP_DIRECTORY_SYSAUTH initialization parameter has been set to 

YES and the users who need to access the database as DBAs have been granted SYSDBA enterprise role in Oracle Internet Directory (OID). SSL and the password file have been configured. A user SCOTT with the SYSDBA privilege tries to connect to the database instance from a remote machine using the command:

$ SQLPLUS scott/tiger@DB01 AS SYSDBA

where DB01 is the net service name.

Which authentication method would be used first?

A. authentication by password file

B. authentication by using certificates over SSL

C. authentication by using the Oracle Internet Directory

D. authentication by using the local OS of the database server

Answer: A

Q48. Which of the following statements best describes Flashback Versions Query?

A. Flashback Versions Query is used to make changes to multiple versions of data that existed between two points in time.

B. Flashback Versions Query is used to view all version changes on rows that existed between the time the query was executed and a point in time in the past.

C. Flashback Versions Query is used to view version changes and the SQL to undo those changes on rows that existed between two points in time.

D. Flashback Versions Query is used to view all version changes on rows that existed between two points in time.

Answer: D

Q49. Which statements about the MEMORY_TARGET initialization parameter are true? (Choose all that apply.)

A. MEMORY_TARGET can be increased up to the value of MEMORY_MAX_TARGET, if MEMORY_MAX_TARGET is set to a value greater than zero

B. MEMORY_MAX_TARGET defaults to a value of zero if MEMORY_TARGET is not set

C. MEMORY_TARGET represents the total amount of memory that can be allocated to SGA and PGA memory structures.

D. MEMORY_TARGET is static and cannot be modified without shutting down the instance

Answer: ABC

Q50. If two windows overlap, which window attribute will determine whether one should be chosen over the other?






Answer: A