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Q121. Which is true concerning Database Replay in an Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) database?

A. Workload capture is per instance.

B. You only need to restart one instance to begin workload capture.

C. Specifically in RAC, you shut down all instances, restart them individually, and begin workload capture with the last instance started.

D. RAC does not support workload capture, but it does support workload replay.

E. None of the above.

Answer: E

Q122. In a database with the database character set of US7ASCII and a national character set of UTF-8, which datatypes would be capable of storing Unicode data by default?






Answer: C

Q123. What is the impact of the following backup if it exceeds the duration allowance? (Choose all that apply.)Backup as compressed backupset duration 2:00 partial minimize load database ;

A. The entire backup will fail. It will not be usable for recovery.

B. The entire backup will fail, but any datafile successfully backed up will be usable for recovery.

C. If this backup fails, subsequent backups will prioritize datafiles not backed up.

D. If this backup fails, an error will be raised and any other commands will not be executed.

E. If this backup fails, no error will be raised and any other commands will be executed.

Answer: B

Q124. To clean up old records that are in a Flashback Data Archive and are past the retention period, what must the DBA do?

A. TRUNCATE the archive table.

B. DROP the Flashback Data Archive.

C. Nothing; expired rows are automatically removed.

D. Nothing; expired rows are moved to an archive table.

E. Delete entries from the archive where the metadata date retained is greater than the retention period.

Answer: C

Q125. You realize that the control file is damaged in your production database. After restoring the control file from autobackup, what is the next step that you must do to proceed with the database recovery?

A. Mount the database

B. Open the database in NORMAL mode

C. Open the database in RESTRICTED mode

D. Open the database with the RESETLOGS option

Answer: A


Update exam 1z0-053:

Q126. Which two statements regarding a SQL profile are true? (Choose two.)

A. It is built by Automatic Tuning Optimizer.

B. It cannot be stored persistently in the data dictionary.

C. It can be used by the query optimizer automatically.

D. It can be created manually by using the CREATE PROFILE command.

Answer: AC

Q127. Which two statements are true regarding the functionality of the remap command in ASMCMD? 

(Choose two.)

A. It repairs blocks that have read disk I/O errors.

B. It checks whether the alias metadata directory and the file directory are linked correctly.

C. It repairs blocks by always reading them from the mirror copy and writing them to the original location.

D. It reads the blocks from a good copy of an ASM mirror and rewrites them to an alternate location on disk if the blocks on the original location cannot be read properly.

Answer: AD

Q128. View the Exhibit for the object interdependency diagram.

The PRODUCTS table is used to create the PRODCAT_VW view.

PRODCAT_VW is used in the GET_DATA procedure.

GET_DATA is called in the CHECK_DATA function.

A new column PROD_QTY is added to the PRODUCTS table.

How does this impact the status of the dependent objects?

A. All dependent objects remain valid.

B. Only the procedure and function become invalid and must be recompiled.

C. Only the view becomes invalid and gets automatically revalidated the next time it is used.

D. Only the procedure and function become invalid and get automatically revalidated the next time they are called.

Answer: A

Q129. When creating a SQL tuning set, which of the following steps allows the DBA to reduce the size of the SQL set by selecting specific operators and values?

A. Filter versions

B. Filter loads

C. Filter tasks

D. Filter options

Answer: D

Q130. View the Exhibit exhibit1 to observe the maintenance window property. View the Exhibit exhibit2 to examine the output of the query.

Which two statements describe the conclusions? (Choose two.)

A. RESOURCE_PERCENTAGE should be increased.

B. The repeat time for the window should be decreased.

C. RESOURCE_PERCENTAGE should be decreased.

D. The window duration should be increased.

Answer: AD