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2021 Jul 1z0-053 free dumps:

Q261. Which statement is true when Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) baselines are created using baseline templates?

A. AWR baselines are always created as repeating baselines.

B. AWR baselines can be created on the basis of two time values.

C. AWR baselines are always created with infinite expiration duration.

D. AWR baselines are always created using the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) retention period as expiration duration.

Answer: B

Q262. Which two statements are true about the duplexing of the backups taken by RMAN? (Choose two.)

A. It's only supported for the backups performed on the tape

B. It is not supported for backup operations that produce image copies

C. Duplex backups need a parallelism for the device to be equal to number of copies

D. Duplex backups can be performed to either disk or tape, but cannot be performed on tape and disk simultaneously

Answer: BD

Q263. Identify the three predefined server-generated alerts. (Choose three.)

A. Drop User

B. Tablespace Space Usage

C. Resumable Session Suspended

D. Recovery Area Low On Free Space

E. SYSTEM Tablespace Size Increment

Answer: BCD

Q264. How is block-change tracking enabled?

A. With alter database enable block change tracking

B. With alter system enable block change tracking

C. With an init.ora parameter change

D. With an spfile parameter change

Answer: A

Q265. If you lost your entire database, including the database spfile, control files, online redo logs, and database datafiles, what kind of recovery would be required with RMAN?

A. Complete database recovery.

B. Incomplete database recovery.

C. Approximate database recovery.

D. Archived database recovery.

E. The database could not be recovered with RMAN.

Answer: B

Updated oracle 1z0-053 exam dumps:

Q266. What is the end result of the following commands?

recover tablespace users

until time `10/06/2008:22:42:00'

auxiliary destination `c:oracleauxiliary'

sql 'alter tablespace users online'

recover tablespace users

until time `10/06/2008:20:40:00'

auxiliary destination `c:oracleauxiliary'

sql 'alter tablespace users online'

A. The commands will be successful. The USERS tablespace will be recovered until 10/06/2008 at 20:40.

B. The first recover tablespace command will fail because the syntax is incorrect.

C. The first alter tablespace users online command will fail because the tablespace will already be online after the recover command.

D. The second recover tablespace command will fail because it will be unable to complete the recovery.

E. The second alter tablespace users online command will fail because you cannot perform two TSPITRs in a row without backing up the database between the first and the last recovery.

Answer: D

Q267. Which two statements are true regarding Health Monitor checks in Oracle Database 11g? (Choose two.)

A. Health Monitor checks can be used to scan the contents of the redo log and archive logs for accessibility and corruption.

B. Health Monitor checks can be used to verify the integrity of database files and report failures if these files are inaccessible, corrupt or inconsistent.

C. Health Monitor checks can be used to verify the contents of dictionary entries for each dictionary object and fix it automatically.

D. Health Monitor checks are always initiated manually when there is some critical error.

Answer: AB

Q268. What components are present in an ASM instance? (Choose three.)


B. Database processes

C. Database datafiles

D. Control files

E. Database parameter file or spfile

Answer: ABE

Q269. Which two kinds of failures make the Data Recovery Advisor (DRA) generate a manual checklist? (Choose two.)

A. failures because a data file is renamed by error

B. failures when no standby database is configured

C. failures that require no archive logs to be applied for recovery

D. failures due to loss of connectivity-for example, an unplugged disk cable

Answer: AD

Q270. A schedule defined entirely within the confines of a Scheduler job object is known as a (n) ________________.

A. Fixed schedule

B. Inline schedule

C. Stored schedule

D. Hard-coded schedule

E. None of the above

Answer: B