The actual Oracle 1Z0-053 questions are updated simply by the technical engineers live. Youll get the newest simulated test queries that are in keeping with the existing Oracle examination. More significantly, the particular up-date date prolonged in order to One hundred and eighty days, showing you will probably have 50 percent the years time to study 1Z0-053 puts.

2021 Jun 1Z0-053 test

Q321. What does the output on this report indicate?

RMAN> report need backup;

RMAN retention policy will be applied to the command

RMAN retention policy is set to redundancy 1

Report of files with less than 1 redundant backups

File #bkps Name

---- ----- ------------------------------------------


A. The my_data_01.dbf datafile is corrupted and needs to be restored.

B. The my_data_01.dbf datafile has not yet been backed up. This report does not imply that the data in the datafile can not be recovered.

C. The my_data_01.dbf datafile has not yet been backed up. This report implies that the data in the datafile can not be recovered.

D. The my_data_01.dbf datafile no longer meets the retention criteria for backups.

E. Datafile 5 is missing.

Answer: B

Q322. View the Exhibit to observe the error.

You receive this error regularly and have to shut down the database instance to overcome the error. What can the solution be to reduce the chance of this error in future, when implemented?

A. setting the PRE_PAGE_SGA parameter to TRUE

B. locking the SGA in memory

C. increasing the value of SGA_MAX_SIZE

D. automatic memory management

Answer: D

Q323. What are the advantages of variable extent size support for large ASM files? (Choose two.)

A. It improves resync operations when the disk comes online after being taken offline for maintenance purposes.

B. It improves performance in the extended cluster configuration by reading from a local copy of an extent.

C. Fewer extent pointers are needed to describe the file and less memory is required to manage the extent maps in the shared pool.

D. This feature enables faster file opens because of the reduction in the amount of memory that is required to store file extents.

Answer: CD

Q324. How long will this backup be allowed to run?

Backup as compressed backupset duration 2:00 minimize load database ;

A. 2 minutes

B. 2 hours

C. 2 days

D. The command will generate an error.

E. This backup is not constrained by any time limitation.

Answer: B

Q325. You enabled Flashback Data Archive on the INVENTORY table. Which DDL operation is supported on the table after enabling Flashback Data Archive? 

A. Drop the table.

B. Partition the table

C. Truncate the table.

D. Add a column to the table.

E. Rename a column in the table.

Answer: D

Abreast of the times actual test 1z0-053:

Q326. Which of the following objects can be directly referenced by a window object? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Schedule object

B. Program object

C. Job object

D. Resource plan

E. Resource consumer group

Answer: AD

Q327. What will be the end result of this set of RMAN commands?

shutdown abort

startup mount

restore datafile 4 until time `09/30/2008:15:00:00'

recover datafile 4 until time `09/29/2008:15:00:00'

alter database open resetlogs;

A. Datafile 4 will be recovered until 9/30/2008 at 15:00 and the database will open.

B. The restore command will fail.

C. The recover command will fail.

D. The alter database open resetlogs command will fail.

E. All these commands will fail because they must be in the confines of a run block.

Answer: D

Q328. You are managing an Oracle Database 11g ASM instance with a disk group dg01 having three disks. One of the disks in the disk group becomes unavailable because of power failure. You issued the following command to change the DISK_REPAIR_TIME attribute from 3.6 hours to 5 hours:

ALTER DISKGROUP dg01 SET ATTRIBUTE 'disk_repair_time' = '5h'

To which disks in the disk group will the new value be applicable?

A. all disks in the disk group

B. all disks that are currently in OFFLINE mode

C. all disks that are not currently in OFFLINE mode

D. all disks in the disk group only if all of them are ONLINE

Answer: C

Q329. Which NLS parameter directly governs linguistic searches?





E. None of the above

Answer: B

Q330. View the exhibit and examine the TRANS table's storage information.

After a massive delete operation, you executed the following statement to shrink the TRANS table:


Which statement describes the outcome of the command?


A. An error is produced.

B. The table and all related objects are compacted and the position of the high-water mark (HWM) for the table is adjusted

C. The table and related indexes are compacted but the position of the high-water mark (HWM) for the table remains unchanged

D. The unused space in the table is reclaimed and returned to the tablespace and the data manipulation language (DML) triggers on the table are fired during the shrinking process

Answer: B