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2021 Jun 1Z0-053 Study Guide Questions:

Q181. You are managing an Oracle Database 11g instance. You want to create a duplicate database for testing purpose. What are the prerequisites for performing the active database duplication? (Choose all that apply.)

A. The source database backup must be copied over the net for test database.

B. The source database must be run in ARCHIVELOG mode if the database is open.

C. The source database must be shut down cleanly if the database is in mounted state.

D. A net service name should be set up and a listener configured with the target as well as the source database.

Answer: BCD

Q182. Which of the following is not a valid linguistic sort element? 

A. Accent expansion

B. Canonical equivalence

C. Reverse secondary sorting

D. Ignorable characters

E. Character rearrangement

Answer: A

Q183. What does the DB_FLASHBACK_RETENTION_TARGET parameter configure?

A. An upper limit on how far you can flash back the database, depending on the information in the redo logs

B. An upper limit on how far you can flash back the database, depending on the information in the undo tablespace

C. The amount of time for which the flashback data is to be kept in the flash recovery area, provided that there is enough space

D. The amount of time for which the flashback data is guaranteed to be kept in the undo tablespace, provided that there is enough space

Answer: C

Improved exam 1z0-053:

Q184. Which files are required for a full recovery of the database in ARCHIVELOG mode? (Choose three.)

A. Database datafiles

B. Online redo logs

C. Archived redo logs

D. Backup control file

E. Control file from a backup

Answer: ACD

Q185. What recommendations does the SQL Access Advisor provide for optimizing SQL queries? (Choose all that apply.)

A. selection of SQL plan baselines

B. partitioning of tables and indexes

C. creation of index-organized tables

D. creation of bitmap, function-based, and B-tree indexes

E. optimization of materialized views for maximum query usage and fast refresh 

Answer: BDE

Q186. Given two different character sets (A and B), which of the following must be true for A to be considered a strict superset of B? (Choose all that apply.)

A. A must contain all of the characters defined in B.

B. A must be Unicode.

C. The encoded values in A must match the encoded values in B for all characters defined in B.

D. A must be a multibyte character set.

E. The encoded values in A must match the encoded values in B for all numeric and alphabetic characters in B.

Answer: AC

1Z0-053  test questions

Certified 1z0-053 latest exam:

Q187. A developer calls and reports that he accidentally dropped an important lookup table from a production database. He needs the table to be recovered. What action would you take?

A. Initiate an incomplete recovery operation using RMAN.

B. Copy the table from a development database.

C. Advise the user to rekey the data.

D. Perform a Flashback Drop operation.

E. Perform a Flashback Recovery operation.

Answer: D

Q188. Which command is used to configure RMAN to perform a compressed backup for every backup executed?






Answer: C

Q189. Which of these recommendations should be followed before capturing a workload? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Make sure your replay database has the same structure as the capture database, except without data.

B. Make sure the replay and capture databases are similar in data content.

C. Perform a clean shutdown and restart of the capture database before beginning a workload capture.

D. Start the capture database in UNRESTRICTED mode, then start the capture.

E. Define inclusion and exclusion filters.

Answer: BC

Q190. You plan to collect the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) data every Monday morning for a month. You want Oracle Database to automatically create a baseline every Monday and remove the old baseline. What is the correct action to achieve this?

A. Create and populate a SQL Tuning Set from the AWR on every Monday.

B. Change the RETENTION setting for the AWR snapshots to 7 days on Monday.

C. Create a repeating baseline template.

D. Insert a finding directive for future ADDM tasks.

Answer: C