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2021 Jun 1Z0-053 Study Guide Questions:

Q461. Which of these represent the main components of Database Resource Manager? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Resource consumer groups

B. Resource plans

C. Resource-plan groups

D. Resource-plan directives

E. All of the above

Answer: ABD

Q462. View the Exhibit that sets the threshold for the Current Open Cursors Count metric.

Why is the Significance Level threshold type not available in the threshold setting?

A. because AWR baseline is not enabled

B. because Current Open Cursors Count is not a basic metric

C. because the STATISTICS_LEVEL parameter is set to BASIC

D. because the AWR baseline is a system-defined moving window baseline

Answer: B

Q463. Every Sunday the Unix system administrator has a job that executes a full backup of the entire Unix system your database is on. Is this backup usable for backup and recovery of your database?

A. Yes, if the database is in ARCHIVELOG mode.

B. Yes, if the database is in NOARCHIVELOG mode.

C. No, the backup is not usable in any way.

D. Only if the ENABLE_ONLINE_BACKUP parameter is set to TRUE.

Answer: C

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Q464. In what order would you execute the following steps to create a recovery catalog?

a. Issue the create catalog command.

b. Create the recovery-catalog database.

c. Create the recovery-catalog user.

d. Grant the recovery_catalog_owner privilege to the recovery-catalog user.

e. Issue the register database command from the target database.

A. a, b, c, d, e

B. b, a, d, c, e

C. b, c, d, a, e

D. b, c, d, e, a

E. b, d, c, a, e

Answer: C

Q465. Which two statements correctly describe the relationship among the Scheduler components: job, program, and schedule? (Choose two)

A. A job is specified as part of a program definition

B. A program can be used in the definition of multiple jobs 

C. A program and job can be specified as part of a schedule definition

D. A program and schedule can be specified as part of a job definition

Answer: A

Q466. What is the effect of increasing the value of the ASM_POWER_LIMIT parameter?

A. The number of DBWR processes increases

B. The number of ASMB processes increases

C. The number of DBWR_TO_SLAVES increases

D. The rebalancing operation in an ASM instance completes more quickly, but can result in higher I/O overhead

Answer: D

1Z0-053  testing engine

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Q467. How many individual archive-log destination directories are supported by Oracle Database11g?

A. 7

B. 1

C. 10

D. 11

E. 21

Answer: C

Q468. While querying the EMPLOYEES table, you receive an ORA-01578 message indicating block corruption in File# 1201 and Block# 1968. You analyze the table and the corruption is verified. Which RMAN command do you use to perform BMR and repair the corrupt block? 





E. None of the above

Answer: BC

Q469. When a job exceeds the date specified in its END_DATE attribute, which of the following will happen? (Choose all that apply.)

A. The job will be dropped automatically if the value of the AUTO_DROP attribute is TRUE.

B. The job will only be disabled if the value of the AUTO_DROP attribute is FALSE.

C. The STATE attribute of the job will be set to COMPLETED if the value of the AUTO_DROP attribute is FALSE.

D. All objects referenced by the job will be dropped if the value of the AUTO_DROP attribute is TRUE and the value of the CASCADE attribute is TRUE.

E. The STATE column of the job table will be set to COMPLETED for the job.

Answer: ABE

Q470. Which three actions are required to configure the Flashback Database? (Choose three.)

A. set Flash Recovery Area

B. enable Flashback logging

C. create FLASHBACK tablespace

D. start the database in the ARCHIVELOG mode

E. start the database in the NOARCHIVELOG mode

Answer: ABD