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2021 Dec oracle database 11g administration i 1z0-052 pdf:

Q101. Note the following structures in your database server:

1. Extents

2. OS Blocks

3. Tablespace

4. Segments

5. Oracle Data Block

Which option has the correct arrangement of these structures from the smallest to the largest?

A. 2, 5, 1, 4, 3

B. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

C. 5, 2, 1, 3, 4

D. 2, 1, 5, 4, 3

Answer: A

Q102. Which two statements are true regarding undo tablespaces? (Choose two.)

A. The database can have more than one undo tablespace

B. The UNDO_TABLESPACE parameter is valid in both automatic and manual undo management

C. Undo segments automatically grow and shrink as needed, acting as circular storage buffer for their assigned transactions

D. An undo tablespace is automatically created if the UNDO_TABLESPACE parameter is not set and the UNDO_MANAGEMENT parameter is set to AUTO during the database instance start up

Answer: AC

Q103. The instance abnormally terminates because of a power outage.

Which statement is true about redo log files during instance recovery?

A. Inactive and current redo log files are required to accomplish recovery

B. Online and archived redo files are required to accomplish instance recovery

C. All redo log entries after the last checkpoint are applied from redo log files to data files

D. All redo log entries recorded in the current log file until the checkpoint position are applied to data files

Answer: C

Q104. Examine the following output:

Which two statements about the above index are true? (Choose two.)

A. It is ignored by the query optimizer.

B. It is not used while the index is being rebuilt.

C. The index cannot be rebuilt, and has to be re-created.

D. The index is automatically rebuilt when used the next time.

Answer: AB

Q105. Identify two situations in which you can use Data Recovery Advisor for recovery. (Choose two.)

A. The database files are corrupted when the database is open

B. The user has dropped an important table that needs to be recovered

C. The archived redo log files are missing for which the backup is not available

D. The database is not opening because the required database files are missing

Answer: AD

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Q106. You receive complaints from users regarding the high waiting time for their transactions. On investigation, you find that some users are not committing their transactions though they are not performing any activity for a long time. As a result, SQL statements need to wait for rowlevel locks.

Which two actions could you take to prevent this locking problem in the future? (Choose two.)

A. Decrease the IDLE_TIME resource limit in the profile assigned to the blocking users.

B. Use Database Resource Manager to automatically log out sessions that block others and are idle

C. Set the limit in the profile of blocking users to control the number of blocks to be accessed in a session.

D. Decrease the maximum number of interested transaction list (ITL) slots for the segments on which the blocking user performs the transaction.

Answer: AB

Q107. Your database is in shutdown state. What will happend if you issue next command:

SQL> startup

A. instance will started

B. instance started and DB is mounted

C. instance started, DB opened and finally mounted

D. instance started, DB mounted and finally opened

Answer: D

Q108. View the Exhibit1, which shows the options that are selected to create the user SL_REP.

View the Exhibit2 and examine the contents of DATABASE_PROPERTIES.

Which two statements are true regarding this user? (Choose two.)

Exhibit1 (exhibit): Exhibit2 (exhibit):

A. The user is authenticated by the operating system.

B. The objects created by the user are placed in the USERS tablespace.

C. The user does not require quota on the TEMP tablespace to perform sort operations.

D. The user is forced to change the password at the first login to the database instance.

E. The objects created by the user in future are unlocked to be accessed by all the users in the database by default.

Answer: BC

Q109. In which of the scenario will the DBA perform recovery? (Choose all that apply.)

A. The alert log file is corrupted

B. A tablespace is accidentally dropped

C. One of the redo log members is corrupted

D. A database user terminates the session abnormally

E. The hard disk on which the data files is stored is corrupted

Answer: BE

Q110. You have set Tablespace Full Metrics Threshold values for the USERS tablespace as follows:

Warning (%): 90

Critical (%): 95

Which background process is responsible for issuing alerts when the threshold is crossed?

A. System monitor (SMON)

B. Process monitor (PMON)

C. Memory manager process (MMAN)

D. Manageability Monitor process (MMON)

Answer: D