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2021 Nov pdf 1z0-052:

Q51. Which two activities are NOT supported by the Data Recovery Advisor (DRA)? (Choose two.)

A. Recover from failures in the RAC environment.

B. Diagnose and repair a data file corruption online.

C. Diagnose and repair a data file corruption offline.

D. Diagnose and repair failures on a standby database.

Answer: AD

Q52. Which naming method uses the tnsnames.ora file to store the connect descriptor used by the client while connecting to the database instance from a remote machine?

A. Host naming method

B. Local naming method

C. External naming method

D. Directory naming method

Answer: B

Q53. You have an ORDERS table with the following structure:

The table has data in the ODATE column for all rows. Many orders are placed in a single day. You need to ensure that the ODATE column must contain data for every order in future.

Which method would serve the purpose?

A. Modify the column using the ALTER TABLE ... MODIFY command.

B. Add a UNIQUE constraint to the column using the ALTER TABLE ... ADD CONSTRAINT command.

C. Add a NOT NULL constraint to the column using the ALTER TABLE ... ADD CONSTRAINT command.

D. Add a PRIMARY KEY constraint to the column using the ALTER TABLE ... ADD CONSTRAINT command.

Answer: A

Q54. The tnsnames.ora file has an entry for the service alias ORCL as follows:









The TNSPING command executes successfully when tested with ORCL, but you are not able to connect to the database instance with the following command:

SQL> CONNECT scott/tiger@orcl

What could be the reason for this?

A. The listener is not running on the database node.

B. The TNS_ADMIN environmental variable is set to a wrong value.

C. The database service is not registered with the listener.

D. The DEFAULT_DOMAIN parameter is set to a wrong value in the sqlnet.ora file.

Answer: C

Q55. View the Exhibit to examine the error that occurred during the database startup.

You opened an RMAN session for the database. To repair the failure, you executed the following command as the first RMAN command:


Which statement describes the consequence of this command?

A. The command performs the recovery and closes the failure

B. The command only displays the advice and the RMAN script required for recovery

C. The command executes the RMAN script to repair the failure and remove the entry from the Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR)

D. The command produces an error because the ADVISE FAILURE command was not executed before the REPAIR FAILURE command

Answer: D

Renovate oracle 11g 1z0-052 oca latest dumps:

Q56. Which three statements are correct about temporary tables? (Choose three.)

A. Indexes and views can be created on temporary tables

B. Both the data and structure of temporary tables can be exported

C. Temporary tables are always created in a user's temporary tablespace

D. The data inserted into a temporary table in a session is available to other sessions

E. Data Manipulation Language (DML) locks are never acquired on the data of temporary tables

Answer: ACE

Q57. The database is running in ARCHIVELOG mode. Examine the initialization parameters and their values set to enable archiving on your database server:

Which statement is true regarding the archived redo log files?

A. It will be created on the local file system.

B. It will be created only in the Flash Recovery Area.

C. It will be created in the location specified by the LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_1 parameter and the default location $ORACLE_HOME/dbs.

D. It will be created in the location specified by the LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_1 parameter and location specified by the DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST parameter.

Answer: A

Q58. Which statement is true about a whole consistent database backup on a database running in ARCHIVELOG mode?


A. The backup will consist of used data blocks only.

B. The database must be shut down to accomplish the backup.

C. The backup can be accomplished without shutting down the database.

D. The backup will contain all database files that have never been backed up.

Answer: B

Q59. View Exhibit1 and Exhibit2 to examine the current memory allocation and parameter settings, respectively. Why are advisors not available for the shared pool and the buffer cache?

A. because the DB_CACHE_ADVICE parameter is set to OFF

B. because Automatic Memory Management (AMM) is disabled for the database instance

C. because Automatic Shared Memory Management (ASMM) is enabled for the database instance

D. because the values for the DB_CACHE_SIZE and SHARED_POOL_SIZE parameters were not set initially

Answer: C

Q60. Observe the information in the columns:

Which option has the correct match between the memory areas and their contents?

A. 1-c, 2-b, 3-d, 4-a

B. 1-b, 2-c, 3-d, 4-a

C. 1-a, 2-b, 3-c, 4-d

D. 1-a, 2-b, 3-d, 4-c

Answer: C