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Q31. Which two statements are true about standard database auditing? (Choose two.)

A. DDL statements can be audited.

B. Statements that refer to standalone procedure can be audited.

C. Operations by the users logged on as SYSDBA cannot be audited.

D. Only one audit record is ever created for a session per audited statement even though it is executed more than once.

Answer: AB

Q32. You are working on an instance started using the SPFILE. You want to move the Flash Recovery Area of your database to a new location. You want the Flashback log files to be stored in the new location. Given below are the steps to accomplish the task in random order:

1) Shut down the instance.

2) Change the value of the DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST initialization parameter to a new value.

3) Execute the ALTER DATABASE FLASHBACK OFF command.

4) Start up the instance and mount the database.

5) Execute the ALTER DATABASE FLASHBACK ON command.

6) Open the database.

Select the correct order in which these tasks need to be performed.

A. 2, 1, 4, 3, 5, 6

B. 1, 4, 3, 2, 6, 5

C. 1, 4, 2, 6, 3, 5

D. 3, 2, 1, 4, 5, 6

Answer: A

Q33. Which two statements are true about checkpointing? (Choose two.)

A. The checkpoint frequency decreases with the smaller redo log file size.

B. It ensures that all committed data is written to the data files during normal shutdown.

C. The frequent full checkpoint in a database can cause the overall degradation of the database performance.

D. It prompts the Checkpoint (CKPT) process to write data to the data files and redo information to the online redo log files.

Answer: BC

Q34. View the Exhibit and examine the PL/SQL package and procedure. You made changes to the COMPUTE_TAX function inside the EMP_ADMIN package body. Which statement is true after you recompile the EMP_ADMIN package body?


A. The USE_P procedure remains valid.

B. The USE_P procedure becomes invalid.

C. The SHOW_DETAIL procedure becomes invalid.

D. The EMP_ADMIN package specification becomes invalid and needs to be recompiled.

Answer: A

Q35. You are using flat files as the data source for one of your data warehousing applications. To optimize the application performance, you plan to move the data from the flat files to clustered tables in an Oracle database. While migrating the data, you want to have minimal impact on the database performance and optimize the data load operation. Which method would you use to load data into the Oracle database?

A. Use the external table population.

B. Use the Oracle Data Pump export and import utility.

C. Use the conventional path data load of the SQL*Loader utility.

D. Use the INSERT INTO...SELECT command to load the data.

Answer: C


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Q36. Which is the correct description of a pinned buffer in the database buffer cache?

A. The buffer is currently being accessed

B. The buffer is empty and has not been used

C. The contents of the buffer have changed and must be flushed to the disk by the DBWn process

D. The buffer is a candidate for immediate aging out and its contents are synchronized with the block contents on the disk

Answer: A

Q37. Which three statements are correct about temporary tables? (Choose three.)

A. Indexes and views can be created on temporary tables.

B. Both the data and the structure of temporary tables can be exported.

C. Temporary tables are always created in a user's temporary tablespace.

D. The data inserted into a temporary table in a session is available to other sessions.

E. Data manipulation language (DML) locks are never acquired on the data of temporary tables.

Answer: ACE

Q38. View the Exhibit and examine the privileges granted to the MGR_ROLE role.

The user SKD has been granted the CONNECT and RESOURCE roles only. The database administrator (DBA) grants MGR_ROLE to the user SKD by executing the command:


Which statement is true about the user SKD after he/she is granted this role?


A. The user SKD can grant only the MGR_ROLE role to other users, but not the privileges in it

B. The user SKD can revoke the MGR_ROLE only from the users for whom he/she is the grantor

C. The user SKD can grant the privileges in the MGR_ROLE role to other users but not with ADMIN OPTION

D. The user SKD can grant the privileges in the MGR_ROLE role to other users, but cannot revoke privileges from them

Answer: A

Q39. You want to access employee details contained in flat files as part of the EMPLOYEE table. You plan to add a new column to the EMPLOYEE table to achieve this.

Which data types would you use for the new column?





Answer: C

Q40. Which two statements describe good practices for an application developer to reduce locking conflicts in Oracle database? (Choose two.)

A. Avoid coding unnecessary longrunning transactions.

B. Allow the database to handle locks in default locking mode.

C. Always explicitly code the locks as per the requirement of the application.

D. Allow escalation of row locks to block locks if too many row locks cause problem.

Answer: AB