Exam Code: 1Z0-052 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle Database 11g: Administration I
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 Jun 1Z0-052 Study Guide Questions:

Q21. Which task would you perform before you run Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) in silent or suppressed mode for an installation?

A. Run the root.sh script.

B. Create the oraInst.loc file.

C. Create the tnsnames.ora file.

D. Run the oraInstRoot.sh script.

Answer: B

Q22. Examine the command:


Which two statements are true after the command is executed? (Choose two.)

A. The SKD user cannot log in to the database instance

B. The objects owned by the SKD user are not accessible to any user

C. The other users can access the objects owned by the SKD user, on which they have access

D. The password for the SKD user expires and the user is forced to change the password at the next log in

Answer: AC

Q23. You want to configure and schedule offline database backups to run automatically.

Which tool or utility would you use to achieve this?

A. The XML script

B. The PL/SQL script


D. Enterprise Manager to schedule the backup

Answer: D


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Q24. Which two statements are true regarding a tablespace? (Choose two.)

A. It can span multiple databases

B. It can consist of multiple data files

C. It can contain blocks of different files

D. It can contains segments of different sizes

E. It can contains a part of nonpartitioned segment

Answer: BD

Q25. Examine the command:


Which statement describes the effect of the above command?

A. Automatic statistics collection is stopped for the CUSTOMERS table

B. Statistics for the CUSTOMERS table are locked and cannot be overwritten

C. Existing statistics for the CUSTOMERS table become unusable for the query optimizer

D. Subsequently, statistics gathered on the CUSTOMERS table are stored as pending statistics

Answer: D

Q26. You have issued a SHUTDOWN ABORT command to bring down your database instance.

Consider the steps that will be performed later when you open the database:

1. SGA is allocated.

2. Control file is read.

3. Redo log files are opened.

4. Instance recovery is started.

5. Background processes are started.

6. Data file headers are checked for consistency.

7. Server parameter file or the initialization parameter file is read.

Which option has the correct order in which these steps occur?

A. 7, 1, 5, 2, 3, 6, 4

B. 1, 2, 3, 7, 5, 6, 4

C. 7, 1, 4, 5, 2, 3, 6

D. 1, 7, 5, 4, 2, 3, 6

Answer: A

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Q27. In which situation would you use static database registration for a listener?

A. When multiple databases are to be registered with the listener

B. When DBAs need to connect remotely to start up the database instance

C. When users need to connect the database instance using the host naming method

D. When the database instance that is to be registered with the listener is configured in shared server mode

Answer: B

Q28. Automatic Shared Memory Management (ASMM) has been enabled for your database instance.

The initialization parameters for the components that are managed by ASMM are not set. After observing the effects of ASMM, you executed the following command:


Which statement is true in this scenario?

A. The minimum memory size for the database buffer cache is set to 100 MB.

B. The maximum memory size that can be obtained by the database buffer cache during ASMM is set to 100 MB.

C. The minimum memory size allocated for a server process in the database buffer cache in dedicated mode is set to 100 MB.

D. The maximum memory size from the database buffer cache that can be released for dynamic distribution during ASMM is set to 100 MB.

Answer: A

Q29. You want to create a role to meet these requirements:

1. The role is to be protected from unauthorized usage.

2. The password of the role is not to be embedded in the application source code or stored in a table.

Which method would you use to restrict enabling of such roles?

A. Create the role with external authentication. B.

Create the role as a secure application role. C.

Create the role as a password-protected role.

D. Create a role and use Fine-Grained Access Control (FGAC) to secure the role.

Answer: B

Q30. Identify the two situations in which the alert log file is updated with details. (Choose two.)

A. Running a query on a table returns "ORA-600: Internal Error"

B. Inserting a value in a table returns "ORA-01722: Invalid Number"

C. Creating a table returns "ORA-00955: name is already used by an existing object'

D. Inserting a value in a table returns "ORA-00001: unique constraint (SYS.PK_TECHP) violated."

E. Rebuilding an index using ALTER INDEX ... REBUILD fails with an error "ORA-01578: ORACLE data block corrupted (file # 14, block @ 50)."

F. Rebuilding an index using ALTER INDEX .... REBUILD fails with an error "ORA-01578: ORACLE data block corrupted (file #14, block #50)."

Answer: AE