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New Citrix 1Y0-A22 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 - Question 11)

Q1. Scenario: The Senior Citrix Administrator has requested that a Junior Administrator deploy two XenApp servers using a base XenApp image that he previously created. The servers will be assigned to two different departments with additional applications that will be installed later based on department requirements.

What should the Junior Administrator do to meet these requirements?

A. Manually install XenApp on the new XenApp servers.

B. Clone the base XenApp image and deploy to new XenApp servers.

C. Use Windows Deployment Services to deploy XenApp to new XenApp servers.

D. Use Provisioning Services to stream XenApp servers in standard mode to new XenApp servers.

Answer: B

Q2. Scenario: The XenApp Administrator is using application streaming to provide users with access to their applications. A user reports that after launching a streamed application, the application hangs during launch.

Which step should the administrator take first to resolve the issue?

A. Flush the RADE cache.

B. Reprofile the application.

C. Enable Inter-Isolation Communication.

D. Update Citrix Receiver to the latest version.

Answer: A

Q3. Scenario: An existing XenApp 6.5 server farm has two policies.

The first policy is called "Clipboard_On" and has a priority of 1. The Client Clipboard redirection setting is configured to 'Allow' and it is configured in the Unfiltered policy.

The second policy is called "Clipboard_percent" and has a priority of 2. The Clipboard redirection bandwidth limit percent setting is configured to 25% and is applied to all domain users.

The policies are stored in the Citrix data store and no additional Active Directory policies are configured. After some time, the administrator detects that users are sometimes unable to use clipboard mapping.

How can the administrator configure the environment so that users are always able to use

clipboard mapping in this environment?

A. Change the priority order of the two policies.

B. Ensure that all users have an ICA client newer than version 11.2 installed.

C. Configure the Web Interface to use Workspace Control for all domain users.

D. Ensure that the ICA connection settings are the same between the XenApp 6.5 servers.

Answer: D

Q4. Scenario: An administrator used the Server Configuration Tool to install a Microsoft SQL Server Express data store database automatically as part of a XenApp 6.5 farm installation. The initial configuration consisted of a single zone and servers in a single physical location. The administrator added an equal number of servers and users to the farm at a second physical location over a WAN.

Which action would require the administrator to migrate the data store database from Microsoft SQL Server Express to Microsoft SQL Server?

A. Adding an additional zone to the farm

B. Replicating the data store to a second database server

C. Moving the data store from local storage to SAN storage

D. Adding the configuration logging database to the same SQL server

Answer: B

Q5. Which two methods can an administrator use to configure Web Interface in high availability mode? (Choose two.)

A. Windows Cluster services

B. NetScaler Load Balancing feature

C. Windows Load Balancing services

D. NetScaler Access Gateway feature

Answer: B,C

Q6. Scenario: A user reports that a hosted desktop session is sporadically slow. To assess the problem, an administrator reviews the Client Connection Status of the user and observes

the information displayed in the attached exhibit. Click the Exhibit button to view the attached exhibit.

What can the administrator assess about the network based on the information in the exhibit?

A. ICA network traffic is functioning normally.

B. The white receive bar indicates there is a problem receiving data.

C. Incoming data is constrained as evidenced by the number of incoming versus outgoing frames.

D. Outgoing data is constrained as evidenced by four times the number of incoming bytes/frames.

Answer: A

Q7. Scenario: An administrator wishes to add disaster recovery capability to an existing XenApp environment. The administrator built some new servers into a disaster recovery datacenter that has a 1 GB link to the production datacenter.

How should the administrator configure the new servers for users?

A. Add the servers to the existing farm in the same zone and use a custom load evaluator.

B. Add the servers to the existing farm in the same zone and use a worker group and load balancing policy.

C. Add the servers to a new farm and use the site failover feature of Web Interface to provide access to the servers.

D. Add the servers to the existing farm into a new disaster recovery zone and use a preferential load balancing policy.

Answer: B

Q8. Scenario: An administrator is configuring a XenApp 6.5 farm that has the default printer settings still in place. Users at a branch office connect to the Citrix farm with an average bandwidth of 2048 Kbps.

Which configuration can the administrator make to ensure that the maximum bandwidth allowed for accessing client printers does NOT exceed 1024 Kpbs?

A. Create a new Citrix User policy with "Multi-stream Connections" enabled.

B. Create a new Citrix User policy with "Printer redirection bandwidth limit percent" set to 50.

C. Create a new Citrix User policy with "Printer redirection bandwidth limit" set to 1024 Kbps.

D. Create a new Citrix User policy with "LPT port redirection bandwidth limit" set to 1024 Kbps.

Answer: C

Q9. Scenario: A Citrix XenApp 6.5 environment contains several published applications. All of the published applications are installed on every XenApp 6.5 server and a customized load evaluator is assigned to two worker groups where the servers are grouped. The users connect from the Local Area Network (LAN) and normally they can work without problems.

Users complain that sometimes the ICA sessions are very slow.

How can the administrator determine which user session consumes the most server resources?

A. Utilize the PowerShell SDK to monitor server processes.

B. Run an EdgeSight report to determine which processes have the highest values.

C. Create a new load evaluator and assign it with a new policy to the existing worker groups to determine which processes have the highest values.

D. Create a new Health Monitoring policy to send an alert for sessions when they reach a threshold value for processing speed to determine which processes have the highest values.

Answer: B

Q10. An administrator plans to enable session linger in a Citrix XenApp 6.5 farm. What will be the impact on the user experience?

A. Sessions will remain in an idle state until the user relaunches it.

B. Sessions will be disconnected then logged off in the background.

C. Sessions will start automatically when a user logs on to the farm.

D. Sessions will remain alive for a configurable period before termination.

Answer: D

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