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After an administrator restarts a XenApp server, the XenApp Administrator notices that the IMA Service is NOT starting. Which two components could be causing the issue? (Choose two.)

  • A. RPC Service
  • B. Local host cache
  • C. Citrix Streaming Service
  • D. Remote Desktop Service

Answer: AB

A Citrix Engineer needs to map a network drive for the HR user group, but does NOT want the network drive to be available to Windows XP users.
Which step can the engineer take within Workspace Environment Management (WEM) to complete this task?

  • A. Add the Infrastructure Services server ADMX template to the Active Directory group policy and configure the network drive setting in a GP
  • B. Then apply a filter to assign the No Client OS Match condition to Windows XP and assign the GPO to the OU containing the HR users.
  • C. Add the network drive in the WEM environmental settings and apply the No Client OS Match condition to Windows X
  • D. Then assign environmental setting to the HR user group.
  • E. Use the Management Agent Host Configuration ADMX template to specify the network drive locatio
  • F. Then apply a filter to assign the No Client OS Match condition to Windows XP and a second filter to assign the Active Directory Group Match to the HR user group.
  • G. Create an action mapping the network drive and apply the No Client OS Match condition to Windows X
  • H. Then assign the action to the HP user group.

Answer: A

Which task should a Citrix Engineer perform before deleting an App Layer version?

  • A. Remove any user assignments to the App Layer version.
  • B. Merger all App Layer versions into the base App Layer.
  • C. Remove any interactive Elastic Layer assignments.
  • D. Create a snapshot of the base OS Laye

Answer: C

Scenario: A company has locations in three cities: New York, San Francisco and Miami. Each location is connected over a WAN link. Each location maintains a large number of users who will need to access applications and desktop resources.
A Citrix Engineer maintains minimal hardware resources and needs to build a new XenDesktop infrastructure that can guarantee a reliable network for the users and which requires minimal infrastructure management for the engineer. Which deployment should the engineer implement to meet this scenario?

  • A. A single XenDesktop Site with three zones (Primary Zone in New York and two Satellite Zones in Miami and San Francisco), and one SQL database maintained in each zone.
  • B. A single XenDesktop Site with three Satellite Zones (New York, Miami and San Francisco), with each zone maintaining its own Cloud Connector and implementation of the infrastructure within the Citrix Cloud.
  • C. A single XenDesktop Site with three zones (Primary Zone in New York and two Satellite Zones in Miami and San Francisco), and one SQL database maintained in New York.
  • D. A single XenDesktop Site with three Satellite Zones (New York, Miami and San Francisco), a single Cloud Connector in Satellite Zones and implementation of the infrastructure within the Citrix Cloud.

Answer: D

Scenario: A XenApp Administrator implemented the pre-launch feature for a corporate email application. As the administrator monitors users' sessions in the AppCenter, the administrator notices that no pre-launch sessions are being created. Application launch time continues to remain high.
What are two reasons why pre-launch sessions are NOT being created? (Choose two.)

  • A. One of the Citrix XenApp servers is reporting a full load.
  • B. Endpoint devices are NOT using the latest Citrix Receiver version.
  • C. The administrator did NOT create a pre-launch published application.
  • D. XenApp Enterprise Edition licenses are being used in the environmen

Answer: BC

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is managing a XenApp and XenDesktop environment that has been built with the following site architecture:
-Site A was created in datacenter -Site B was created in datacenter
-A NetScaler Gateway is set up in each datacenter. Each Gateway has access to both Sites. -The StoreFront server group in each Site is configured to enumerate resources from both Sites. -Application A is available in Site A only.
-Optimal Gateway Routing has NOT been configured.
A user located near datacenter B logs in through NetScaler and attempts to launch Application A. Which behavior is expected in this scenario?

  • A. Resource enumeration and the HDX connection are established using Gateway.
  • B. Resource enumeration occurs through Gateway A; the HDX connection is established using Gateway
  • C. Resource enumeration occurs through Gateway B; the HDX is established using Gateway
  • D. Resource enumeration and the HDX connection are established using Gateway

Answer: C

Which two components should a Citrix Engineer include in an operating system layer from a gold image? (Choose two.)

  • A. Microsoft office plug-ins
  • B. Printer settings
  • C. Application patches
  • D. Hypervisor tools
  • E. Anti-virus

Answer: CD

Which role should a Citrix Engineer assign to an administrator who needs to change vDisk properties, while also minimizing other permissions assigned to that administrator?

  • A. Device Operator
  • B. Device Administrator
  • C. Site Administrator
  • D. Farm Administrator

Answer: B

A Citrix Engineer has enabled Local Host Cache in a XenDesktop Site to manage outage situations.
Which three resources are supported by the Local Host Cache at the time of a database outage? (Choose three.)

  • A. Pooled VDI desktops created by Machine Creation Services (MCS)
  • B. Server-Hosted applications
  • C. Server-Hosted desktop
  • D. Static (assigned) desktops
  • E. Pooled VDI desktops created by Provisioning Services (PVS)

Answer: BCD

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer wants to secure the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) communication by enabling end-to end encryption within an existing XenApp and XenDesktop environment. The environment has already been configured to provide external access through a NetScaler Gateway, but all other configurations are set to default.
Which three actions will accomplish this? (Choose three.)

  • A. Enable TLS on the StoreFront servers.
  • B. Add a certificate to the Delivery Controllers
  • C. Enable TLS on the Delivery Controllers.
  • D. Add a certificate to the VDAs.
  • E. Add a certificate to the StoreFront servers.
  • F. Enable TLS on the VDA

Answer: DEF

A Citrix Engineer needs to implement Workspace Environment Management (WEM) in an existing XenDesktop environment.
Which three software requirements should the engineer consider before implementing WEM? (Choose three.)

  • A. A minimum of .NET framework 4.0 for the Agent Host and Administration Console
  • B. The Windows Server 2008 R2 or later requirement for the Administrative Console
  • C. A minimum of Citrix License Server version 11.14
  • D. WEM implementation with any version of XenApp or XenDesktop
  • E. The Microsoft Sync Framework 2.1 requirement on all components

Answer: ACD

Scenario: All users connect from thin clients to a XenApp hosted desktop. Recently, the Order Entry team has been printing all documents in color. A session printers policy has been created and applied to this user group.
How can the XenApp Administrator ensure that these printers default to a setting of monochrome?

  • A. Modify the Printer Properties Retention Policy.
  • B. Change the universal driver preference policy to default to PCL4.
  • C. Modify the existing session printing policy with the required printer settings.
  • D. Adjust the Citrix Universal Printer default settings in the registry of the XenApp server

Answer: C

Scenario: Currently users log in to their desktop and are prompted several times for credentials while accessing XenApp published applications. The XenApp Administrator is asked to configure pass-through authentication to ensure that users only log in to their desktop and will NOT get prompted anymore.
Which three components will need to be configured when setting up pass-through authentication? (Choose three.)

  • A. Web Interface.
  • B. ICAClient.ADM.
  • C. Citrix Receiver.
  • D. XenApp Servers.
  • E. Citrix User policy.
  • F. Citrix Single sign-o

Answer: ABC

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is managing a Provisioning Services Farm with the following specifications:
- A single Farm with one Site, with two Provisioning Services servers deployed with 8 vCPU each, which are supporting a total target devices in production.
-The ports and threads have been configured so that each server can stream concurrently to 250 devices each.
-Due to an upcoming merger, 250 more target devices must be supported by the existing Provisioning Services farm.
-The Provisioning Services servers must handle the extra capacity while aligning to Citrix leading practices for resiliency. Which step should the engineer perform to accomplish these requirements?

  • A. Isolate the Provisioning Services screaming traffic.
  • B. Add two additional Provisioning Services servers to the Site.
  • C. Maintain the existing configurations for the environment.
  • D. Add one additional Provisioning Services server to the Sit

Answer: B

Scenario: The XenApp Administrator is using application streaming to provide users with access to their applications. A user reports that after launching a streamed application, the application hangs during launch.
Which step should the administrator take first to resolve the issue?

  • A. Flush the RADE cache.
  • B. Reprofile the application.
  • C. Enable Inter-Isolation Communication.
  • D. Update Citrix Receiver to the latest versio

Answer: A

Scenario: An administrator wishes to add disaster recovery capability to an existing XenApp environment. The administrator built some new servers into a disaster recovery datacenter that has a 1 GB link to the production datacenter. How should the administrator configure the new servers for users?

  • A. Add the servers to the existing farm in the same zone and use a custom load evaluator.
  • B. Add the servers to the existing farm in the same zone and use a worker group and load balancing policy.
  • C. Add the servers to a new farm and use the site failover feature of Web Interface to provide access to the servers.
  • D. Add the servers to the existing farm into a new disaster recovery zone and use a preferential load balancing polic

Answer: B

How does Fast Logoff in a Workspace Environment Management (WEM) infrastructure optimize the logoff experience for users?

  • A. Improves roaming profile synchronization performance on logoff
  • B. Allows processes to continue running in the background while user sessions appear to log off quickly
  • C. Terminates hung application processes within 10 seconds of logging off
  • D. Notifies the Delivery Controllers that pooled desktops are ready for assignment on logoff

Answer: A

Scenario: The XenApp farm consists of two zones each located in a different datacenter. Last night, the network team conducted maintenance on the firewalls and this morning, the administrator discovers that load balancing is NOT working. The administrator asks the network team for a copy of the firewall rules. A few lines of the firewall rules are shown below.
What is most likely the cause for the load balancing issues?

  • A. There is an IMA communication problem.
  • B. There is an XML communication problem.
  • C. There is a data store communication problem.
  • D. There is a Session Reliability communication proble

Answer: A

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