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Which three services can users request through the self-service catalog using vRealize Automation? (Choose three.}

  • A. Media services
  • B. Personnel services
  • C. Custom services
  • D. Application services
  • E. Infrastructure services

Answer: ADE

An administrator wants to more proactively react to alarms in the data center. Which vRealize operations availability feature would be most helpful in identifying problems before they impact end users?

  • A. Dynamic Thresholds
  • B. Dynamic Alerts
  • C. Smart Alerts
  • D. Self-Adjusting Alerts

Answer: B

A consultant has been hired to architect a hybrid cloud solution for a client. The consultant decides to build two clouds: one for development and one for production. Which product can move workloads from the development cloud to the cloud?

  • A. vFabiic Suite
  • B. vCioud Connector
  • C. vCenter Server
  • D. vRealize Operations

Answer: B

A company operates a hybrid cloud environment and wants to ensure all virtual machine and vApp templates deployed in any of it's clouds come from a single catalog. Which product or technology supports this requirement?

  • A. vCloud Connector: Stretch Deploy
  • B. vFabric Suite
  • C. vCloud Connector: Datacenter Extension
  • D. vCloud Connector: Content Sync

Answer: D

An administrator for a regional service provider has a predominately mobile client base. Which statement represents an availability challenge that this administrator might face?

  • A. The clients want to work on business problems instead of worrying about always been"hands on" with their virtual workloads.
  • B. The clients need connectivity and flexibility without being required to host their own internal VPN services.
  • C. The clients have workloads in your data center and want to migrate to hosting providers in different geographical areas.
  • D. The clients need the ability to quickly deploy preconfigured workloads on demand.

Answer: D

Which vRealize Automation feature provides companies a lot of flexibility in using their own customized service politics and business logic?

  • A. Accelerated application deployment
  • B. Intelligent Resource Governor
  • C. VMware vRealize Orchestrator plug-in
  • D. Self-service end user portal

Answer: B

A client wants their consultant to assure them that vRealize operations can provide monitoring that will easy and dynamically adapt to their environment. What features in vRealize Operations can provide fewer more specific alerts of health degradations performance bottlenecks and capacity shortfalls?

  • A. Auto Reactive Alarms
  • B. Adaptive Alarms
  • C. Self-Learning Analytics
  • D. Dynamic Thresholds

Answer: B

Which three infrastructure platform types can vRealize Automation deliver service across? (Choose three.}

  • A. Virtual
  • B. Organization
  • C. Physical
  • D. Provider
  • E. Cloud

Answer: ABE

A manager heard on a webinar that vRealize Operations has the ability to create custom groups in order to better align performance and management decisions with business goals. Which two options represent custom groups that can be created for the manager?( Choose two.}

  • A. DRS / HA Cluster
  • B. Application
  • C. Line of business
  • D. vCenter Datacenter

Answer: AC

An administrator wants to make sure that a cloud environment is performing as expected and is not exhibiting any serious problems. Which vRealize operations super Metric will help analyze workload anomalies and faults?

  • A. Risk
  • B. Status
  • C. Performance
  • D. Health

Answer: C

A manager wants to know why traditional usage metering tools are less effective in a private cloud environment than they are in physical environments. What statement provides the best response?

  • A. Traditional monitoring tools won't work in a cloud environment.
  • B. Traditional metering tools require agents to be installed, which don't work in virtual machines.
  • C. Resource usage is based on the overall demand of all virtual machines instead of per server.
  • D. This is not true, traditional usage metering tools are still the best choice.

Answer: B

A manager asks an administrator if it's possible to know when infrastructure components in the cloud will run out of capacity. Which vRealize Operations Super Metric badge would allow the manager to the remaining capacity and time to exceed capacity for these components?

  • A. Risk
  • B. Health
  • C. Performance
  • D. Efficiency

Answer: B

A company has experienced significant growth over the past year and needs a more streamlined method of deploying large numbers of virtual machines and virtual networks. Which two components can be implemented within the company's virtual environment to accomplish this task? (Choose two.}

  • A. vRealize Automation
  • B. vCloud Air
  • C. VMwate NSX
  • D. vCenter Operations

Answer: BC

A customer is concerned about using fixed alarm settings to monitor elastic cloud workloads. They want assurance that virtual workloads will be properly monitored in the cloud based on their environment's realtime data. Which vRealize Operations alarm feature will best address this concern?

  • A. Auto Reactive Alarms
  • B. Adaptive Alarms
  • C. Self-Learning Analytics
  • D. Dynamic Thresholds

Answer: B

A company needs a solution that allows moving some of the datacenter's workload to a public cloud during peak hours. The company does not want to pay for unused capacity during non-peak hours. Which VMware product will fulfill this task?

  • A. vRealize APIs
  • B. vCloud Connector
  • C. vRealize Automation
  • D. VMware NSX

Answer: C

An administrator is developing a workflow for a company's test and development environment and needs to run a script that will generator a work order ticket. Which VMware product providesout of the box plug-ins to assist the administrator in completing this task?

  • A. vRealize Operations
  • B. vRealize Orchestrator
  • C. vCenter Server
  • D. vCloud Connector

Answer: D

A company is evaluating the deployment of a new private cloud and the manager has concerns about the department's ability to effectively manage this new solution. Which statement represents a valid Management concern?

  • A. Your solution must provide mobile tenants maximum connectivity and flexibility without requiring them to host their own VPN services.
  • B. Your solution should ensure that virtual machines are stored on the "right" storage for the job.
  • C. Your solution must be able handle seasonal/burst utilization without paying for unused capacity during non-peak months.
  • D. Your solution needs the ability to roll back broken or unauthorized configuration changes to a previous known good state.

Answer: D

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