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New CIW 1D0-571 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 3 - Question 12)

New Questions 3

Which of the following is a primary auditing activity?

A. Encrypting data files

B. Changing login accounts

C. Checking log files

D. Configuring the firewall

Answer: C

New Questions 4

You want to create a certificate for use in a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) session. Which of the following is responsible for verifying the identity of an individual and also issuing the certificate?

A. Kerberos server

B. Certificate authority

C. Certificate revocation entity

D. Certificate repository

Answer: B

New Questions 5

Which of the following is the most likely first step to enable a server to recover from a denial-of-service attack in which all hard disk data is lost?

A. Enable virtualization

B. Contact the backup service

C. Contact a disk recovery service

D. Rebuild your RAID 0 array

Answer: B

New Questions 6

Which of the following applications can help determine whether a denial-of-service attack is

A. The netstat command and a packet sniffer

B. The ps command and a network scanner

C. The ping command and User Manager

D. The iptables command and Windows desktop firewall

Answer: A

New Questions 7

A. Application layer

B. Network layer

C. Session layer

D. Transport layer

Answer: A

New Questions 8

You have implemented a service on a Linux system that allows a user to read and edit resources. What is the function of this service?

A. Authentication

B. Data integrity

C. Access control

D. Intrusion detection

Answer: C

New Questions 9

Which tool is best suited for identifying applications and code on a Web server that can lead to a SQL injection attack?

A. A vulnerability scanner

B. A packet sniffer

C. An intrusion-detection system

D. A network switch

Answer: A

New Questions 10

You have been asked to encrypt a large file using a secure encryption algorithm so you can send it via e-mail to your supervisor. Encryption speed is important. The key will not be transmitted across a network. Which form of encryption should you use?

A. Asymmetric


C. Hash

D. Symmetric

Answer: D

New Questions 11

Requests for Web-based resources have become unacceptably slow. You have been assigned to implement a solution that helps solve this problem. Which of the following

A. Enable stateful multi-layer inspection on the packet filter

B. Implement caching on the network proxy server

C. Enable authentication on the network proxy server

D. Implement a screening router on the network DMZ

Answer: B

New Questions 12

At what layer of the OSI/RM does a packet filter operate?

A. Layer 1

B. Layer 3

C. Layer 5

D. Layer 7

Answer: B

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