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New CIW 1D0-520 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 6 - Question 15)

New Questions 6

While designing a Web site for a customer, you are asked to add several photographic images to one of the pages. Which format would be best suited for this type of image?





Answer: D

New Questions 7

How many fonts are commonly used in Web page design?

A. Two

B. Four

C. Six

D. Eight

Answer: A

New Questions 8

Which of the following is true with regard to creating an XML application?

A. The application must always be run from a Web server.

B. XML must always be embedded with XHTML, not HTML.

C. The tags can use uppercase and lowercase characters.

D. The application must be able to determine page structure if it is used on a Web page.

Answer: C

New Questions 9

Kylee is creating a Flash animation banner. The banner is advertising a company's change of ownership. In the banner, the old company logo needs to morph into the new logo. What is the best way for Kylee to do this?

A. Create a shape tween between the old and the new logos.

B. Create a motion tween between the old and the new logos.

C. Convert the logos into symbols and create a shape tween between the old and the new logos.

D. Convert the logos into symbols and create a motion tween between the old and the new logos.

Answer: A

New Questions 10

Which attribute should be used to assign inline styles to HTML?

A. id

B. style

C. value

D. class

Answer: B

New Questions 11

Which of the following languages is used to update a table in a relational database?

A. C#


C. Java


Answer: B

New Questions 12

Tomas wants to resize the same vector image on different pages of his Web site. Which Web graphics format would be ideal for this?



C. GIF 87a

D. GIF 89a

Answer: A

New Questions 13

Which of the following is used in Secure XML to verify the origin of a message?

A. Triple DES

B. A digital signature

C. Symmetric-key encryption

D. An open encryption standard known as Gnu Privacy Guard

Answer: B

New Questions 14

Which of the following techniques helps stop a denial-of-service (DOS) attack in which an attacker has sent multiple ICMP or TCP packets to crash a Web server on the Internet?

A. Filtering traffic at the firewall

B. Changing passwords on a regular basis

C. Installing Apache server rather than Microsoft IIS

D. Placing the database and the Web server on separate systems

Answer: A

New Questions 15

Which of the following will best protect a server from Web server vulnerabilities that are exploited by hackers?

A. Using strong passwords

B. Installing updates (for example, service packs)

C. Using the POST method instead of the GET method for a Web form

D. Using the GET method instead of the POST method for a Web form

Answer: B

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