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2021 Mar 101-01 exam topics

Q81. When implementing PBR, a Steelhead appliance is connected to the router using which Steelhead appliance interface?

A. lan0_0

B. wan0_0

C. Primary


E. Remote

Answer: B

Q82. After deployment of Steelhead appliances, a certain backup application shows poor bandwidth reduction. After disabling the backup application's native compression algorithm, the bandwidth reduction statistics on the Steelhead appliances suddenly improve significantly. Which of the following are likely causes for the increased bandwidth reduction?

A. The native compression algorithm of the backup application could not be compressed further

B. The application-level protocol used by the backup application is not recognized by the Steelhead appliances

C. The Steelhead appliances were not able to effectively perform TCP optimizations

D. There should be no difference between compressed and uncompressed traffic

Answer: A

Q83. How many separate TCP sessions exist for each optimized connection?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

E. It depends on the WAN visibility mode

Answer: C

Q84. Data Streamlining is used by the Steelhead appliances and Steelhead Mobile for what?

A. To speed up certain applications

B. To reduce the number of connections used

C. To reduce WAN utilization

D. To make UDP faster

Answer: C

Q85. When implementing WCCP, Riverbed recommends using which service groups?

A. 61 and 62

B. 69 and 70

C. 100 and 101

D. 101 and 102

E. 102 and 103

Answer: A

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Q86. To ensure peak operational performance, it is recommended that the Steelhead appliance be rebooted:

A. Once every week

B. Once every month

C. Rebooting the Steelhead appliance is not recommended as a performance enhancing maintenance activity

D. Rebooting the Steelhead appliance is not recommended because all network activity stops until it comes back

Answer: C

Q87. What is the smallest and largest datastore size one can allocate for a Steelhead Mobile client?

A. 256 MB and 20 GB on disk

B. 1 GB and 100 TB on disk

C. 256 MB and 1 TB in memory

D. 64 KB and 512 KB in memory

E. 10% and 50% of the available disk space

Answer: A

Q88. Which of the following interfaces can be configured using the configuration wizard?

A. Primary only

B. Primary and inpath0_0

C. Inpath0_0 only

D. Primary and auxiliary

Answer: B

Q89. What is the command to return a Steelhead appliance back to factory defaults?

A. (config) # restart factory reload

B. (config) # reload factory

C. (config) # restart clean

D. (config) # reload clean empty

E. (config) # reset factory reload

Answer: E

Q90. When deploying a Steelhead appliance server-side out-of-path in the data center, what will be the source IP address seen by the destination server in the data center?

A. The client PC's IP address

B. The client-side Steelhead appliance's Primary IP address

C. The client-side Steelhead appliance's In-path IP address D. The server-side Steelhead appliance's Primary IP address

Answer: D