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New Cisco 100-105 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 7 - Question 16)

Question No: 7

Which statement about DHCP address pools is true?

A. A network must be defined before you can configure a manual binding.

B. Only one DNSserver can be identified for an individual DHCP group.

C. You can use a subnet mask of prefix length to define a network.

D. The domain name of the DHCP pool is specified in the global configuration of the router.

Answer: C

Question No: 8

A network administrator has subnetted the network using a subnet mask of A duplicate IP address of has accidentally been configured on a workstation in the network. The technician must assign this workstation a new IP address within that same subnetwork. Which address should be assigned to the workstation?







Answer: B

Question No: 9

What is the requirement of configuring 6to4 tunnelling on two routers?

A. Both ipv6 and ipv4 must be configured

B. Only IPv6

C. Only IPv4

Answer: A

Question No: 10

Refer to the exhibit.

What does the address represent?

A. the TFTP server from which the file startup-config is being transferred

B. the router from which the file startup-config is being transferred

C. the TFTP server from which the file router-confg is being transferred

D. the TFTP server to which the file router-confg is being transferred

E. the router to which the file router-confg is being transferred

F. the router to which the file startup-config is being transferred

Answer: D

Question No: 11

Which table displays the MAC addresses that are learned on a switch?





Answer: D

Explanation: The table is built by recording the source address and inbound port of all frames. As frames arrive on switch ports, the source MAC addresses are learned and recorded in the CAM table. The port of arrival and the VLAN are both recorded in the table, along with a timestamp. If a MAC address learned on one switch port has moved to a different port, the MAC address and timestamp are recorded for the most recent arrival port. Then, the previous entry is deleted. If a MAC address is found already present in the table for the correct arrival port, only its timestamp is updated.

Question No: 12

Which statement is a Cisco best practice for switch port security?

A. Vacant switch ports must be shut down.

B. Empty ports must be enabled in VLAN 1.

C. VLAN 1 must be configured as the native VLAN.

D. Err-disabled ports must be configured to automatically re-enable.

Answer: A

Question No: 13

Which information is used to install the best route to a destination in IP routing table?

A. the tunnel ID

B. the prefix length

C. the interface number

D. the autonomous system

Answer: B

Question No: 14

Refer to the exhibit.

A network technician is unable to ping from R1 to R2. Using the output of the show interfaces serial0/1 command, what should the administrator do to correct the problem?

A. Replace the serial cable between R1 and R2.

B. Reseat the serial connectors on the R1 and R2 routers.

C. Configure the serial0/1 interface on R2 with the no shutdown command.

D. Configure the serial0/1 interface on R1 with the clock rate 56000 command.

E. Configure the serial0/1 interface on R1 with the ip address command.

Answer: C

Question No: 15

After you configure a default route to the Internet on a router, the route is missing from the routing table. Which option describes a possible reason for the problem?

A. The next-hop address is unreachable.

B. The default route was configured on a passive interface.

C. Dynamic routing is disabled.

D. Cisco Discovery Protocol is disabled on the interface used to reach the next hop.

Answer: A

Question No: 16

Which statement describes the effect of the copy run start command on a router in enable mode?

A. The running configuration of the router is saved to NVRAM and used during the boot process.

B. The router reboots and loads the last saved running configuration.

C. A copy of the running configuration of the router is sent by FTP to a designated server.

D. A new running configuration is loaded from flash memory to the router.

Answer: A

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